Everything You Wanted to Know About Nachos But Were Afraid to Ask


Nachos are awesome! This funny infographic uses great visual charts to show toppings by nacho style. It breaks styles up between Modern and Traditional. Who knew there was so much history of the nacho and this infographic does it. The Nacho Infographic provides a brief history of nachos from their inception in 1943 to the creation of the website NachosNY.com in 2008. Nachos are a time […] Read more »

A Visual History of Twitter – Infographic


Since Twitter launch in the summer of 2006, Twitter has become the world-wide leader in micro-blogging. Twitter limits even its most famous users and celebs to a very short 140 characters including spaces. here we have an infographic that details Twitter’s most famous content creators, amazing adoption rates, and the struggle to turn a profit. Submit an Infographic   Read more »

History of Data Storage


If you remember just a few years ago you will remember how much a flash drive cost. I remember when 125mb was $25 and now you can get a 32GB thumb flash drive for that same price. People started storing data in books back thousands of years ago, now they store it in flash drive that can fit on your keychain. From paper to current […] Read more »

How Americans Will Trim the Fat This Thanksgiving – Infographic

Feasting on a Budget How Americans Will Trim the Fat This Thanksgiving

Most of us make sure we go all-out for Thanksgiving. We want the biggest turkey, the best breads for their stuffing, the most amazing pumpkin pie. I get my pumpkin pie at Costco. Thanksgiving, like all holidays can be rough on the family budget. When black Friday shopping starts, we all might wish we had spent spent less on the Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few ways to trim […] Read more »

Preparing to Shop on Black Friday – Infographic

How Shoppers prepare for Black Friday

Here is an infographic about Black Friday shopping. What did you go for? Most people go after clothes, shoes and accessories. I feel bad for the kids that got socks and underwear. I can remember the christmas panties I got when I was a little girl. I just wanted a doll, I was bummed but I was okay with it. Over the years I have […] Read more »

Celebrating America’s Diversity – Infographic


October is family history month if you did not know. This October, millions across the United States joined in celebrating Family History Month. Family History Month was started 10 years ago and is a great opportunity to learn about family heritage and to make new memories at the same time. The melting pot of the U.S. is largely a nation of immigrants and descendants of immigrants. […] Read more »

History of the Ampersand

History of the Ampersand Infographic

The ampersand, not many know how to, when to, or why to use it or how it came to be. It was almost the 27th letter to the English Alphabet and has three styles Calligraphic, Traditional, & Contemproary. There are many brands that use an ampersand in their logo and most of them are awesome. There is even a way to draw the ampersand correctly, […] Read more »

Travel Nurses – Infographic

Travel Nurses Infographic

There is currently a shortage of registered nurses (RN’s) around this country. This infographic shows the need for traveling nurses around this country. If U could handle blood I would be a nurse in a heartbeat. Sadly I pass-out at needles going into my flesh. This is why I think that being a traveling nurse in the next 5-10 years will become the way to go as […] Read more »

How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media – Infographic

How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media - Infographic

9% of small businesses say that a social media expert would be the best hire after a book keeper. I think that number is so low due to a lot of small business orders not understanding what social media can do for them. Most business owners are still new to understanding the internet. I talked with a small business owner last week who is 40 […] Read more »

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