The Surprising Costs of a Sick Day

Colds and flus are very common, but the real costs on businesses and the overall economy is extraordinary. This infographic is designed to show anyone that they need to foster healthier practices in the workplace. As well as to raise awareness about the financial impacts of colds and flus. Promoting a healthy work environment is essential in the workplace for everyone. I want to share […] Read more »

The Cost of Super Bowl Commercials

It’s time for the Super Bowl again. One of the biggest annual television events in the United States. Each year, the Super Bowl draws well over 100 million viewers, but not everyone is watching for the game itself. Many tune in solely for the brand new commercials being churned out by some of the biggest players in advertising. The real point of contention is weather […] Read more »

Protect Your Home From Burglary

According to the FBI, over 2.2 million homes are burglarized every years. How safe is your home? There are easy ways to protect yourself, your family and your belongings from thieves. With millions of dollars in merchandise available in nearly any neighborhood, thieves canvas homes to make quick and calculated attacks. How can you defend against such burglaries? There are many ways to detour thieves […] Read more »

BathEmpire BTU Infographic

As winter strikes, it’s difficult to block out the sounds of howling wind, the grey, thundering skies and blistery chills you get every time you walk out your door. To stay on the safe side, a lot of us tend to turn up the heat as high as possible and try to remain in the warm solace of our homes. However, most people really are […] Read more »

Evolution of the Modern Restaurant

Looking for some interesting restaurants to visit? The following infographic has quite a selection of some of the most interesting restaurants that you will ever get a chance to visit. These restaurants use cutting edge technology to deliver an experience that just can’t be found in most other establishments. Inamo is using interactive ordering systems in their restaurant. The menu is projected onto the table […] Read more »

E-file Security and Safety Concerns

For businesses small and large, the number of customer and employee data breaches is on the rise. The increase of hacking technology in turn increases the concern to secure sensitive customer data for standard business operations. For businesses tax filing, the IRS is taking every precaution to fight identity theft and protect recipient data. The IRS identified a 78% increase in tax identity-theft incidents from […] Read more »

Smart Small Business Marketing Budgets

Although budgeting is not an activity that business owners jump with joy for, it’s a necessary part of running a successful company. Marketing intelligently is important, and savvy business owners already know this. Even though it is a way to bring in new customers and new revenue, marketing plans and budgets are often an afterthought after everything else is paid for. To succeed in the […] Read more »

The Complete History of the Electronic Cigarette

In the past 18 months there have been many misconceptions published about electronic cigarettes and the industry as a whole. The market has been subjected to many misleading attacks and criticisms that could have far-reaching consequences. With this in mind, Joyetech UK have released this infographic to help people understand the e-cig industry better. By guiding the reader through 5 lessons – History, Math, Science, […] Read more »

Popular Home Renovations To Add Value to Your Home

Upgrading your home can offer many advantages, like personalizing your space, improving your energy savings, and increasing the total resale value of your home. Whether you’ve recently purchased a home or you’ve lived there for years and are looking to upgrade your humble abode, consider these five popular home renovations from Citizens Bank. Keep in mind that some home improvement projects can also lower your […] Read more »

The Underestimated Power of the Sofa

Nabru are the sofa specialists. They know that everyone has a sofa, BUT…they also know that people choose to use their sofas in different ways. They have put together some interesting facts that involves sofa use. For example, the world’s fastest sofa, or the world’s longest sofa, or even how many arguments a sofa will host. Check out the Nabru infographic for some more interesting facts. […] Read more »