Who Exercises More: Women Or Men?

Do Men or Women Exercise More

We looked into the statistics…and the numbers might surprise you. This infographic is short and sweet, but it contains a high-impact health message. It was created by the expert editorial team at TheBestLife.com, the website for the health and lifestyle program of Bob Greene, Oprah’s trainer. We were surprised (and a bit concerned) about the statistic and thought it would be of interest to our […] Read more »

European Football Soccer Financial Crisis – Infographic

The Debt In Soccer Football And Financial Crisis

The English Football League has been around since 1888 and has a rich history. Football pre dates this starting life as an amateur sport over one hundred years ago. We wonder how many people at the time ever envisaged that it would turn into a professional sport with club owners and players appearing on rich lists around the world. With the inception of the Premier […] Read more »

Google Panda Update and Changes Up Close


The Google Panda update has gone through 14 different major changes in hopes to clean up the search engine’s result pages. A majority of the changes specifically target low quality content, duplicate content, and high ad-to-content ratio. Major ways to help your site in the search engines is to review and create more unique content for your site. Creating unique content makes your site a […] Read more »

4 Biggest Myths About Truckers – Infographic

Trucker Myths Debunked - Infographic

  [Source: TruckertoTrucker.com Trucker Myths Debunked] Places To Submit InfoGraphics Here are the 4 major myths that people associate with trucks and truck drivers: Myth #1 Truckers are dangerous drivers and cause most accidents According to statistics, trucks are 3 times less likely to be in an accident than a regular automobile. Trucks are 4 times more likely to pass safety inspections compared to regular […] Read more »

10 Tips for Buying the Best Diamond for Your Money

Diamond Buying Tips Infographic

Anyone buying a diamond knows that he/she wants to get the best deal possible and get the best quality diamond for the money he/she is spending. How do you know when you go into a diamond store what is a good deal? For which qualities is your money best spent? Here are 10 tips on what to look for when buying a diamond. Slight Inclusions: […] Read more »

When And How To Vaccinate Your Cat And Dog – Infographic

When and How To Vaccinate Your Kitten And Puppy - Infographic

Many of us out there are LOVERS of our cats and dogs! Sometimes we may wonder when is it time to give your cat or dog their vaccination shots to keep them healthy and protected from diseases. Believe it or not, there is a growing concern among Veterinarians that cats and dogs are being vaccinated far too often. For most primary vaccinations, the manufacturer’s vaccination […] Read more »

A Normal SEO Agency in the UK

SEO and PPC Agencies In The UK - Infographic

SEO, which is also known as Search Engine Optimization is an evolving and changing industry. In order for a company to stay relevant and survive, they must adapt, change, and evolve to keep up with industry standards. The best way to stay on top of the SEO industry is to help clients create real, relevant, informative content written for their readers. Based on research and […] Read more »

Food And Drink Festivals Of Ireland 2012 – Infographic

Food Drink Festivals Ireland 2012 Infographic

Research for this infographic brought to you by: Goireland.com   Ireland is sure known for their Food & Drink Festivals!! Here are a list of the food and drink festivals for 2012: Waterford Festival of Food: April 13th-15th This is the 5th annual Waterford Festival of Food, celebrating family fun with food tasting sessions and much more. waterfordfestivaloffood.com Dublin Bay Prawn Festival: April 27th-29th Food […] Read more »

Wealthiest And Richest Australian Athletes – Infographic

Richest Austrailian Athletes 2012

Who are the wealthiest and richest Australian athletes of 2011 and 2012? Well, for starters Andrew Bogut makes $13 million dollars per year. He could buy 260,000 basketballs! Compare that to the NBL typical wage of $70k. Casey Stoner makes $9.5 million, and he could buy 23,000 motorbike tire sets! Typical wage: $100k. Mark Webber makes $9.5 million. Not only does he own a Porsche […] Read more »

Urban Agriculture And How To Grow A Rooftop Garden

Washington DC-Urban-Agriculture-Gardening-Infographic

Urban Agriculture is the art and science of growing food in cities or highly populated areas with the goal of the grower eating the food, or for the grower distributing the food to those around him/her. Here are a few facts about urban agriculture or rooftop garden growing: Roughly 15% of the food in the world is grown in urban areas There are currently more […] Read more »