Medicare Supplement Vs. Medicare Advantage

medicare infographic

Original Medicare only covers specific medical expenses and doctor visits. Beneficiaries often struggle with finding inquiring information on Medicare Supplement Plans and what those plans cover. This infographic illustrates the frequently asked questions regarding Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans. Read more »

Understanding Medicare Supplement Plans

medigap supplements infographic

Understanding Medicare supplement plans (Medigap) can be confusing and overwhelming, especially to Baby Boomers and those who will soon turn 65 years old. That is why created this infographic to help our readers understand and remember the important information that they should keep in mind before enrolling for Medicare Supplements. Read more »

Top 10 Reasons To Get Long Term Care Insurance

long term care infographic

Seven out of 10 Americans will need some form of long term care at some point in their lives. Since the cost of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day care, and other long term care services and settings continue to go up, experts recommend getting long term care insurance. This infographic by provides the top ten reasons why people should get covered today. […] Read more »

Life Insurance Costs Over the Age of 50

Life Insurance for Seniors Infographic

We all know that life insurance is really important, right? Well let’s face it, buying a policy isn’t always cheap. That is particularly true when you reach the age of 50 and beyond. The premiums you will pay to purchase coverage as a senior citizen will be exponentially more than if you were younger. In fact, this could mean your policy premiums will be triple […] Read more »

Affordable Care Act Penalties and How to Qualify for an Exception

Affordable Care Act Infographic

Healthcare can be complex, but this infographic makes it simple by helping you understand how the Affordable Care Act may affect you or your family. Also known as Obamacare, there is a lot to know about the Affordable Care Act, including the penalties for not having health insurance. You may have to pay a penalty on your taxes if you do not have health coverage. […] Read more »

Life Insurance Through the Ages

This infographic looks at the story of life insurance from its basic beginnings as Ancient Roman “burial clubs” to the complexity of online life insurance today. Did you know that insurance itself can be traced all the way back to 2000 BC China? Or even that the statistical basis we use today for creating policies was around as early as 1762? Check out this infographic […] Read more »

Life Insurance for Seniors

Senior Life Insurance Infographic

This infographic is designed to help seniors and their children with the purchase of final expense type life insurance. While this market is designed for amounts of coverage from $200- $40,000, the majority of cases are written on a whole life type policy that generates cash value.  However, cash value can never be taken out of the policy without the premiums increasing dramatically. Most people […] Read more »

The Online Insurance Sales and Marketing Funnel

There’s a lot to generating leads for a services business online. To talk you through the process, we created this infographic. While it’s specific to generating leads for insurance agents, the process is the same for accountants, realtors, and other local professionals. Learn the steps you need to take website visitors through to start converting more leads from your site. The Online Insurance Marketing Funnel […] Read more »

Insuring the Breaking Bad Caravan

Breaking Bad infographic

When considering an insurance quote for a caravan, you don’t expect to have to cover the cost of gunshots, dead bodies and drug creating equipment. If you’re a Breaking Bad fan you will know exactly what I am talking about. So have you ever wondered how much it would cost to insure your own mobile meth lab? Well if you want an idea, Coast Insurance […] Read more »

Drewberry Income Protection Insurance

Drewberry Income Protection Insurance - Infographic

Drewberry Insurance created this infographic to help explain what income protection insurance is, what it does and if cover is suitable for you. Drewberry are the london based health and protection insurance specialists with products for individuals and businesses alike. Infographic brought to us by Income Protection | Drewberry™ – The Insurance Experts What Is Income Protection Insurance? This is an insurance policy to protect […] Read more »