The World’s Most Impressive Cruise Ships

cruise features infographic

Cruise ships are about so much more than just getting to your destination. Today’s cruise liners are always competing to give passengers the best possible experience while on board by adding some very impressive features. If you’re seeking an adrenaline rush while on your cruise, why not try skydiving? Two of Royal Caribbean’s ships offer a sky diving simulator. If that’s not enough, one ship […] Read more »

Life Under the Sea

under the sea infographic

From the mysterious depths of the Greenland Sea to the icy waters of the Weddell Sea, our oceans are home to many strange and wonderful creatures. Despite the temperature and seemingly inhospitable nature of Earth’s coldest seas, a remarkable abundance of wildlife thrives in these waters. One of the best ways to explore the wildlife in our coldest oceans is on a cruise. Whether you’re […] Read more »

Britannia: Her First Year in Numbers

Britannia Cruise ship infographic

This infographic was made to celebrate Britannia’s first birthday. Britannia is P&O Cruises’ flagship cruise liner and also the largest cruise ship in P&O Cruises’ fleet. She can carry 3,647 passengers and 1,350 crew. A whole host of entertainment and dining options are available on-board, and she takes passengers to locations all around the world. Some of the destinations Britannia visits includes the Norwegian Fjords, the […] Read more »

The Incredible Growth of the Australian Cruise Industry

Australian Cruising Infographic

It’s all about Australia’s booming cruise industry, which is the fastest-growing on the planet. In the past decade, the number of passengers taking to the high seas has grown by 500% – so it’s a pretty popular holiday choice! The infographic below shows information on which destinations are most popular with cruise travelers and where the majority of cruise fans live. Read more »