BLDC Motors Contribution to the HVAC Industry

BLDC Motors Infographic

Did you know that electric motors and their systems consume 43 – 46% of all global electricity? BLDC motors are known for their increased energy efficiency, variable speeds, lightweight construction and small size. Thanks to advances in BLDC motor technology, industries that rely on electric motors can make the switch to a more energy-efficient solution. For example, the HVAC industry uses BLDC motors in industrial, residential […] Read more »

How iPhones Impact the World

IPhone's Impact on the World Infographic

The iPhone has changed the world in more ways than one. With its manufacturing locations across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and even North America, Apple’s iPhone has single-handedly changed the face of the global supply chain and impacted nearly every region of the world. The manufacturing and sales of the iPhone has a tremendous impact on not only the the global supply chain, but […] Read more »

Inbound Marketing for Vacation Rental Companies

Inbound Marketing for Vacation Rental Companies Infographic

Nearly 80% of vacationers use the Internet to plan or book their vacations. Because of this, vacation rental companies must have a strong online, inbound marketing strategy to be successful. This infographic explains the process of inbound marketing for vacation rental companies and shows how the method attracts website visitors and converts them into bookings and repeat business. As this infographic shows, each step of […] Read more »

The World in Pixels

World in pixels infographic

If the human eye were a camera, it would have a 576 Megapixel sensor – that’s 36x better resolution than the average digital camera available today. Which raises the question? In an ‘all digital world,’ how many pixels are the everyday objects around us? How tall is the Empire State Building in pixels? How long is the average toothbrush in pixels? This infographic is the […] Read more »

Seattle Hazardous Waste Removal Pros Promote Safe Marijuana Cultivation

Marijuana Cultivation Infographic

The Puget Sound area is busy with cannabis production now that marijuana is legal in Washington. Hazardous waste disposal companies are committed to working with different sectors of this industry to recycle or safely remove any toxic waste by-products such as fertilizer waste water or high-intensity discharge bulbs . This infographic takes a look at the history of marijuana in Washington and the obstacles that […] Read more »

Top 10 Tax Mistakes Traders Make

Tax Mistakes Infographic

The Online Trading Academy in conjunction with their affiliate company, Tax Pros has created a list of common mistakes that many investors and traders make when they file taxes. The US tax code is a very complex book with over 1,999 different publications and tax forms. Despite the complexity of the various tax forms that is no excuse to not stay in the IRS’s good graces by knowing the […] Read more »

Weird and Unusual Taxes Throughout History

Strange Taxes Infographic

Even though it’s not unusual to be taxed, you may not be aware of all of the weird and unusual taxes placed on some throughout the years. Thankfully, most of them have already been repealed and let’s hope they stay that way. The early Romans charged a pee tax because of the ammonia in urine that was a key ingredient to a lot of chemical […] Read more »

Financial Abuse by an Enduring Attorney

Seniors Financial Abuse infographic

Due to the aging population in Australia, the number of financial exploits of older Australians by Enduring Power of Attorneys (EPOA) is increasing. In summary, the Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document whereby a person authorizes another person to act on their behalf on the management for their personal, health and/or financial matters. This infographic talks you through this step by step. If […] Read more »

Tax Refund Spending

2014 Tax Refund Spending Infographic

CarMax has put together a infographic and survey that shows how Americans will spend their tax refund in 2014. This infographic states that of those Americans expecting a tax refund, one in six are likely to buy a car. It also found that of the regions in the US, the Midwest is best at filing taxes in advance. Read more »

The History of Interior Design

History of Interior Design Infographic

A look into interior design through the ages shows just how much the design of furniture and home decor has really changed. Many times mimicking other design arenas for the time and taking a cue from that time’s fashions. More than 30 design periods were investigated for this infographic to give you an in-depth look at the history of interior design. The history of interior […] Read more »