Taking a Look at Office 365

Office 365 Infographic

Office 365 offers numerous benefits; all the usual suspects of Office Suite such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint notwithstanding, Office 365 gives you so much more. Take a look at this infographic from Evoke IT to see for yourself. With OneDrive you can sync all your devices to the Cloud which means that you can access your data from anywhere with an Internet connection on any […] Read more »

How to Calm Job Interview Nerves

Job Interview Nerves Infographic

Job interviews are usually unpredictable, and such a stressful experience. You can be perfectly ready for the interview questions and perfectly qualified for the job position. Your resume and recommendations may prove your professionalism. However, your nerves may let you down. Nobody wants to lose a chance of getting hired because of simple anxiety. That’s why it is important to control your nerves during the […] Read more »

Top 10 Car Speeds Recorded on the Autobahn

Autobahn Speed Records

Ever wonder what the fastest speeds recorded on the Autobahn are? And what cars hold the record for those speeds? This Autobahn speed record infographic offers some answers and a few surprises – particularly the record holder and the second fastest vehicle. Maybe on your next trip to Germany you can rent one of these fast cars and hit one of these tops speeds yourself. Read more »

NYC Holiday Window Shopping Guide

Holiday Windows Infographic

Ever wondered how the tradition of holiday windows got started along New York City’s Fifth Avenue? This holiday staple has become a holiday tradition for many. This winter season, take a tour of Fifth Avenue and enjoy an array of holiday window displays from New York City’s most famous, high-end stores!   Read more »

The Best Home Improvements to Increase the Value of Your Home

Home Improvements Infographic

When you’re making a large purchase it’s always a good idea to do your due diligence up front. The same goes for home improvements. The question you should be asking before making any home improvement is which will give you the most bang for your buck? The infographic below summarizes the result of a survey of 113 prospective home buyers and interviews with 45 industry experts. […] Read more »

Seasonal Activities in the Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Activities Infographic

California’s Bay Area boasts many seasonal attractions, such as museums, golf courses, wineries and hiking trails – just to name a few!  I can vouch for that too, because I lived in the area for a time. Whether in town for a business trip or a visit to Stanford University, let the Courtyard Palo Alto Los Altos hotel host you! Read more »

Use the Force: The Power of Compound Interest

Compound Interest Infographic

Compound interest can seem like a mysterious force. However, it is one of the most powerful forces within finance. The following infographic showcases how you can master this “force” just like a Jedi. Learn how time is your ally when it comes to long-term investing and how small contributions can make a big difference. But like the force, it has its dark side. The same […] Read more »

Tolkien’s Tips for Writers

Writing Tips Infographic

Crazy about The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and want to become a better writer? Here you will find 10 tips from J.R.R Tolkien himself. They are authentic, taken from the letters of Tolkien and edited by Humphrey Carpenter. Many of us are looking forward to watching the final movie in The Hobbit trilogy. Open up a world of fantasy and adventure by checking out […] Read more »

Wild Bird Feeder Placement

Wild Bird Feeder Infographic

Are you a fan of birds? Ever tried to place a bird feeder somewhere and then run into problems or wondered why the birds you seek didn’t come to feed? Then read on. This infographic illustrates how to best set up, attract, and feed a wide variety of wild birds outside your home. From how far feeders should be from plants and fences to how frequently […] Read more »

Invasion of the Drones

UAV Jobs Infographic

Military applications of drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as they are more properly called, are well-known. However, many people are also now becoming aware of the staggering commercial applications of drones. UAVs are already starting to be used for business and their potential seems to have no limit. Some of the areas where drones can make a huge impact include: agriculture, law enforcement, aerial […] Read more »