America’s Most Haunted

Haunted Locations infographic

Believers or not, we are all intrigued by the paranormal. Part of human nature compels us to watch horror films about ghosts, monsters, zombies, etc. And don’t forget about the numerous reality ghost hunting shows that currently air on TV—like Ghost Hunters (Syfy), Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel), Dead Files (Travel Channel), A Haunting (Destination America) and Paranormal Witness (Syfy). There is something so intriguing about something […] Read more »

Game of Phones

Smartphone infographic

This infographic was put together to show the large scope for small and medium sized business to cash in on a growing online market. The rising figures are for smartphone use and by adapting to mobile friendly websites and apps these companies could benefit hugely. Our generation’s smart phone addiction should be viewed as an opportunity not be to be missed! Original Source of infographic […] Read more »

Market Research and the Strong Bonds that Attach Them to Customers

market research infographic

Most people underestimate the power of customers. Companies need customers in every possible way to survive. They need them to buy and to give feedback. Everything is about making customers happy. There is a cycle which begins when something is offered to a consumer. Companies want to make sure the consumer was satisfied. But something that is satisfying today might not be satisfying tomorrow. Therefore, it […] Read more »

The Reality of Becoming a Chef

Culinary Career infographic

Becoming a head chef is not exactly the easiest position to acquire. Head chef is reserved for the best of the best. But even in that group of elite chefs whose experience and abilities surpass the rest, not all of them will become a head chef. There aren’t enough openings out there for everyone who’s truly great in the kitchen to achieve the top level. […] Read more »

The Hipster Neighborhoods Map

hipster neighborhoods infographic

The Hipster Neighborhoods Map shows you 31 of the most unique and hip locations around the world, based on their popularity, so you can identify with your inner hipster, even if you can’t readily admit it. Whether you would like to explore 5-star locations like Shoreditch and Williamsburg, or visit lesser known hipsterdoms like Shimokitazawa in Tokyo, Japan, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Each neighborhood […] Read more »

The Dermatologist Recommended Skincare Routine (That Anyone Can Do!)

Skin Care routine infographic

While many of us don’t have time for a lengthy skin care routine, properly caring for your skin is important. If you want to prevent wrinkles, fight acne, and protect your skin from sun damage, a daily skincare routine—even a simple one—is a must-have. This infographic displays the proper way to clean, moisturize, and protect your skin. It also shares five bad skincare habits you […] Read more »

New Technology on the Phantom 4 Drone

Phantom 4 infographic

This infographic was created to demonstrate how the 4th generation DJI Phantom has evolved in terms of its technology to make your flying experience even more enjoyable and impressive. Some of the new killer features include obstacle avoidance, active track and tap-to-fly….we hope you enjoy this visual. Original source of infographic: Read more »

Common Causes of Fire in the Workplace

Workplace fire infographic

Neglecting fire safety poses a huge risk to a business. Serious workplace fires put your staff in a dangerous situation and could result in the end for your company. The cost of fire to a business can be so large that it’s often very difficult to recover from especially if expensive assets such as machinery and vehicles get destroyed. This infographic identifies some of the […] Read more »

8 Ways to Lower Your Bills This Summer

Summer Energy Bills infographic

From turning on the lights in vacant rooms to keeping ceiling fans in constant rotation, many households use an excess amount of electricity—and they’ve got the sky-high bills to prove it! But, if you’re looking for pragmatic strategies to limit your family’s energy expenditures, this infographic will help you stay within budget, while becoming more environmentally conscious in the long-run.  Graphic provided by Arctic Air […] Read more »

What Workout Equipment Should I Buy?

Gym Equipment infographic

Getting into shape is not a black-and-white situation with a single A-to-B pathway. Based on your preferences, budget, and timeline, you can opt for a variety of ways to meet your goal. If increased flexibility is high on your list, the first thing to consider is your current level of flexibility. If you can just about touch those toes but not completely, think about how […] Read more »