10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

weight loss infographic

There are many reasons why you never succeed on your weight loss plan. Either you overcompensate after working out or you lack sleep. Or maybe you consume excessive amounts of sugary drinks. What’s the point of your weight loss plan if you can’t discipline yourself? If you’re not losing weight in spite of your hard work, then something’s not right. It might be that there’s […] Read more »

10 Signs You Need to Change Your Tires

Changing Tires infographic

All tires get old, worn down and damaged. But how would you know that your tires need replacement? What are the signs? As a car owner, you need to know when your vehicle needs new tires. Not just for your safety but for good driving performance. Worn tires can cause a lot of trouble, and in most cases, can be catastrophic while driving. Here are […] Read more »

The Best Foods for Pregnant Women to Eat

Pregnancy foods infographic

If pregnant women don’t get enough of the right nutrients, the baby’s growth could be affected. Important nutrients need to be consumed to avoid diseases later in the child’s life. The important nutrients include iron, iodine, vitamin B-12, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B-6 and folate. The list of foods advocated by AuthorityDiet.com’s best foods for pregnant women infographic contains these vital nutrients. Read more »

How to Prevent Tires From Getting Flat

flat tire prevention infographic

Imagine you’re driving in the middle of nowhere when suddenly your tires fail. Flat tires, again? While at times it’s inevitable, there are proven ways that could minimize the risks of getting flat tires. Unexpected flat tires should be, and can be, avoided because aside from the inconvenience it gives the driver, a flat tire may also cause some road-side accident. Here are ways to […] Read more »

Evidence-Based Reasons Why Low Carb Diets Work

low carb diet infographic

he Atkins Diet was a big deal during the 90s. While it was considered a “fad”, scientific studies shows that low-carb diets such as Atkins do work. In fact, they work so well that even low-fat dieters don’t lose as much weight or fat in comparison studies. The following infographic by AuthorityDiet.com provides reasons as to why low-carb diets work. One of the main reason […] Read more »

What’s Happening Near Your Place in the Portland Area?

Portland festivals infographic

Are you living in Portland or a surrounding area? Great! Then you should be aware of the latest venues and festivals that took place in April. If you have live at Parkrose Heights apartment rentals or nearby then you will be in the center of the entertainment! It may be too late to attend these events this year, but put them on your calendar for […] Read more »

Important Differences Between Manual and Automatic Screen Printing

screen printing infographic

A lot of people wonder what the difference is between manual and automatic screen printing processes for promotional gifts. An example of a promotional item where a screen printing process is used is promotional cups. The infographic below explains this difference and shows the stages of the screen printing process. Read more »

Life Under the Sea

under the sea infographic

From the mysterious depths of the Greenland Sea to the icy waters of the Weddell Sea, our oceans are home to many strange and wonderful creatures. Despite the temperature and seemingly inhospitable nature of Earth’s coldest seas, a remarkable abundance of wildlife thrives in these waters. One of the best ways to explore the wildlife in our coldest oceans is on a cruise. Whether you’re […] Read more »