8 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Will Never Reach its Claimed MPG

Fuel Efficiency Infographic

The New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) is under more scrutiny for having a test cycle that simply does not replicate real life driving conditions. Vehicle manufacturers are claiming mpg figures up to 30% more efficient than they really are. Not only that, the NEDC has so many loopholes, it provides the opportunity for those manufacturers to manipulate the results, such as testing prototype vehicles which […] Read more »

Wake Up to the Importance of Sleep

Sleep Importance Infographic

The conversation around sleep is changing. Whether by choice or due to a sleep disorder, a lack of sleep can and will have devastating consequences. Your health, safety, performance and quality of life severely decline as sleep is sacrificed. Fortunately, good sleep habits can be learned and the effects of sleep disorders can be minimized.   Read more »

5 Best Routes To Drive In The UK

From the EVO Triangle in Wales, to the Snake Pass in the Peak District, there are many driving routes across the UK which are waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a driver who is seeking a thrill or a driver who likes taking in the beautiful sites on a road trip, this infographic shares some of the best routes around the UK. Read more »

All About South Africa

South Africa Infographic

Planning a trip to South Africa? Whether for business or holiday, this infographic shows valuable information that can come in handy. Visit one of the country’s numerous National Parks or take in a safari. With this info you can plan well for your trip go prepared about the home of the Rainbow Nation and the Big Five. The infographic can also be useful for students […] Read more »

Tooth Decay and Fizzy Drinks: A Rotten Epidemic

Child Tooth Decay Infographic

Though almost one third of 5 year olds have tooth decay, many are waiting almost a year or more to have their rotted teeth removed. The culprit of the decaying teeth? Dentists across the country are blaming fizzy drinks and sodas as one of the main sources of the epidemic. This infographic delves into the issue of tooth decay in children, pointing out the worst areas in […] Read more »

All About Botswana

Botswana Infographic

This infographic shows valuable information that can come in handy when you are planning to travel to Botswana, whether it be for business matters, holiday or an adventurous safari. With this info at hand you can plan well for your trip and go there prepared. The infographic is also useful for school children or students working on a project about Botswana or anyone interested in […] Read more »

When Should You Outsource Architectural Services?

Architecture Outsourcing Infographici

Many architecture and construction firms strive to improve profitability and are considering the idea to outsource documentation and visualization projects to a third party provider from Asia or Eastern Europe. AOS research demonstrates key advantages and risks of architectural outsourcing and outlines basic factors, which make outsourcing efficient for a particular firm. We defined 5 criteria to help architecture firms choose the best outsourcing partners: track record, knowledge of drafting standards applied […] Read more »

Luxury Cars: Visions of the Future

Luxury Cars Infographic

From Bugatti to Bentley, there are many upcoming new releases to excite any car enthusiast. Perhaps the most notable, and more likely to go into production, is the Rolls-Royce Serenity Concept. With Japanese-inspiring interior detailing and decor touches, this beauty is an exquisite gem every collector will envy. Not to be outdone, there are 7 additional luxury cars boasting all wheel drive, hybrid fuel system […] Read more »

Top 100 Tech Companies in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Tech Companies Infographic

Is “Silicon Beach” catching up to Silicon Valley? As LA continues to establish itself as a nationwide leader in technology, the number of people working for digital technology companies grew substantially in 2014, with more than 28,000 people employed in the top 100 digital tech companies in LA County. This infographic breaks down the top 100 tech companies within the Los Angeles area. Read more »

10 Steps to Trade Show Success

Trade Show Infographic

With tradeshows still such a promotional lifeline for large and small businesses and entrepreneurs alike, it’s important they know how to make the most of their time and financial investment while there. However, the truth is, many don’t. This infographic aims to change that. We’ve put together a list of tips and statistics that can help you get the most from your time no matter […] Read more »