Evolution of the Home Phone

Home Phone Evolution Infographic

New and enhanced features are making home phones more desirable than ever. Everything from increased security and convenience to more affordable international options are available with today’s user-focused technology. Even with the use of cell phones, email and social media for communicating with friends, family and others, many people continue to find value in having a home phone as well. Read more »

How to Use Social Media Thought Leaders to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Social Media Traffic Infographic

This infographic was created because too many great writers get little to no views, social media shares, links or rankings from all the hard work they put in. The main reason this happens is because they don’t have connections within their industry to help them spread the word about their great content. This infographic provides a template for finding social media thought leaders in your industry, […] Read more »

The Rise of the Cyber Criminal

Cyber Criminals Infographic

Cybercrime is at epidemic proportions these days, and all signs indicate it’s only going to get worse as time goes on. As everything from our social security numbers to medical records, to transactions at the local store increasingly take place in cyberspace, our need for protections from online criminals grows. So exactly how bad is the problem? This infographic created by the University of Cincinnati […] Read more »

How the Inkjet Printer Works

The technology has been around since 1988 but have you ever wondered how exactly your inkjet printer works? In this infographic you will learn that this all important workhorse is a lot more impressive than you might initially think. Before inkjet the go-to technology was “Dot Matrix.” Matrix printers can be best compared to a typewriter. This technology creates characters on paper by striking an […] Read more »

I Was In a Car Accident in Texas – Now What?

Texas Car Accidents Infographic

What if you get into a car accident in Texas? Those first few moments after an accident can be terrifying. Luckily, you can find out exactly what the experts recommend you do with this simple guide to help you navigate your way out of a difficult situation. The steps to take after a car accident in Houston includes the top 4 first steps to take […] Read more »

Where Do Your Recyclables Go?

Recycling Infographic

Recent years have seen the trend of single stream process recycling increase significantly. In fact, the majority of Americans who take part in recycling programs are now using this particular process. With single stream, multiple types of items that are made of varying materials can be placed together into a singular recycling bin to be sorted and categorized later on. Once the bins are put […] Read more »

Blogger Vs. Journalist: The Ultimate Debate Solved

Blogger Vs Journalist Infographic

Are bloggers and journalists similar? What do they have in common? What are the perks of being a blogger or a journalist? The debate has been going for almost 10 years but no one has been able to give a straightforward answer to the Blogger vs Journalist debate. Until now. The infographic below presents the comparison of blogger and journalist on the following points: salary, […] Read more »

How Credit Card Processing Normally Works

Credit Card Processing Infographic

Nobody likes getting overcharged, but it happens to businesses across the country every single day when it comes to their credit card processing rates. From excessive markups and statements fees to commissions and IRS fees, processing companies are taking their customers to the bank – literally! So how can you protect your business and save your money? This infographic will show you how, teaching you the ins and outs of the […] Read more »

Why Smoothies are Better Than Juicing

Smoothies and Juicing Infographic

With the hype that juicing is getting from the health community, it’s important to remind ourselves that there are other alternatives. Smoothies are a great example. In many ways, they are better for you than juicing. One of the main reasons is the presence of fiber in smoothies. This helps you feel fuller longer and provides for a much more enjoyable cleanse. Also, with smoothies you have the option to add […] Read more »