The Correlation Between Poor Oral Health and Diabetes

diabetes and oral health infographic

Your pearly whites are a gateway to your body. So it makes sense that what you eat affects the health of your mouth as well as your body. Certain foods and energy drinks could increase your blood sugar levels which in turn could increase the risk of infection. This infographic brought to you by Birch Dental Group reveals just how many Canadian adults suffer from dental […] Read more »

Top 8 Vintage Dating Ideas

Vintage Dating Ideas infographic

Finding someone to share your vintage passion makes you feel on top of the world. Those who love vintage are a dying breed, preferring books to television and going for walks or an old fashioned drive with your date. In today’s dating market where people meet on online dating sites and their time spent together happens more on social media, learning how to have a […] Read more »

The 10 Best Big Cities For Small Business

Best Cities for Small Businesses infographic

It can be hard to decide where to open a small business these days. With seemingly every city, state, and county offering different incentives – tax breaks, prime locations, name recognition, you name it – the idea to open, move, or expand your business can be a challenging one when it comes time to decide where your location is. This infographic, provided by small business […] Read more »

9 Benefits of Medical Training Programs

medical training programs infographic

There is a growing need for medical assistants and by 2024 it is projected that the average growth will be higher than all other occupations. Consequently, jobs in the healthcare support occupations are expected to increase by 18% come 2024. Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits healthcare occupations training such as medical assistant training programs. Job Diversity: there are over 35 […] Read more »

Cross Device Marketing – Statistics and Trends

cross device marketing infographic

Online shoppers own 3.64 connected devices on average and 80% of consumers bounce between devices to shop online. Twenty-five percent of online customers start transactions on smartphones and complete it on a desktop, whereas 35% of online buyers begin a transaction on a desktop and complete it on a smartphone. That is why 40% of online transactions involve multiple devices such as desktop, mobile phone, […] Read more »

Why Men Should Consider Nursing

men nurses infographic

Even in 2017, the stereotype of nursing as a “woman’s job” hugely impacts the amount of men applying for the job, even though the position offers high demand, high compensation, and a rewarding professional experience. In fact, the gender disparity is so huge that only a dismal 9% of nurses in this country are men! So, what are some of the myths that are holding […] Read more »

5 Phases of Project Management

project management infographic

Learn about important phases involved in Project Management as every phase is crucial. The project managers must keep in mind the activities involved in managing a project as well as the team involved. Go through the points in this infographic by Synergy 360 Consulting to understand about the steps involved in project management. Read more »

Doing Business in Samoa

doing business in Samoa

Samoa is a tropical paradise located in the Polynesian region of the Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded by lush vegetation including rain forests, taro and coconut plantations. Their culture is heavily influenced by Polynesian life, especially dance, music and visual arts. If you’re considering doing business in Samoa, it is vital to understand the country’s industries, economy, rules and regulations. Key industries include services, light […] Read more »

Measuring the Impact of Programmatic Advertising

programmatic advertising infographic

You’ve probably been following the rise and advancement of programmatic advertising in recent years – but did you know that programmatic ad spend is growing at about 20% annually? New technology and tools are helping marketers to reach exact groups, which means ad dollars are being maximized and waste decreased. Of course, as with anything, there are benefits and drawbacks to programmatic advertising. Benefits of programmatic […] Read more »