Eye Injuries in the Workplace

eye injuries at work

Eye safety is a common, but sometimes overlooked, occupational hazard. When the eyes are damaged it is often permanent and a worker can completely lose vision in just a matter of seconds. OSHA estimates thousands of eye injuries every month in the United States ranging from common causes like inadequate lighting all the way up to blood-born pathogens exposure.     This infographic explores the different […] Read more »

Intersection Accidents (And How to Avoid Them)

intersection accidents statistics

The occurrence of accidents at intersections happen all too often. Which can result in a variety of injuries as well as damage to the vehicles involved. An astounding 49.7% of all multi-vehicle accidents happen at an intersection. Bottlinger Law L.L.C. would like to remind you to pay attention. Leave your cell phone out of reach. Look both ways before going through. And be mindful of […] Read more »

How to Make Your Own DIY Cleaners

diy cleaning recipes

Have you heard of the numerous benefits from making your own house cleaners? You don’t have to waste money on expensive liquids that are filled with dangerous chemicals. By using what you have in your kitchen cupboard you are eliminating the tread of triggering an allergic reaction or accidental poisoning. Eco-friendly cleaners are safe both around toddlers and pets. This infographic includes a list of […] Read more »

Using Website Translation to Help Your Business Grow

Website translation helps increase your credibility with prospective clients. Finding a website translated into several languages has become the norm to the average website visitor, furthermore ensuring that brand stands out among the competition. Experts have noticed a direct relationship between the rate of converting traffic, bounce rate, and the number of language choices available. Using an SEO strategy extends to practically every part of […] Read more »

Complete Guide on How to Write an Essay: 30 Tips Revealed!

Have you started to dread writing assignments of any sort, even if you’ve supposedly been writing papers for years now? Your struggle is far from unique. Many students share your ill feelings toward essay writing, viewing it as an unfulfilling chore. It doesn’t help that essay writing classes often teach different sets of techniques. This results in students becoming confused and overwhelmed in the end. […] Read more »

What Are the Pros and Cons in Using JavaScript

Let`s have look at one of the most popular programming languages in the world – JavaScript. Why it is so important and a must-have skill for JavaScript developers to be aware of in the programming world? Everybody has the means to check the average amount of JS developer salaries in different countries in this infographic. Juniors will be interested to have a look at JS […] Read more »

California Factors In Granting Child Custody

child custody

Children have been often regarded as the future of our nation. Therefore it is important to protect children’s best interests as they are very impressionable at an early age. However, we know that not every child’s household upbringing is the same. Unfortunately, some children do not grow up in the best environment. Often the legal system will get involved with helping or fixing some of […] Read more »

OSHA Fatal Four of Construction

construction accidents

OHSA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and is a very important agency dedicated to assuring the safe and healthy working conditions for working men and women. This is done by setting standards, providing training, outreach, and education to workplace environments. Here are some important facts about serious and life-threatening injuries that have been documented from construction sites. There are various degrees of […] Read more »

100 Years of Radio Design

100 years of radio

It’s hard to imagine a world without radio – in fact, commercial radio has now been around for an entire century. To mark this major milestone, LiGo put together this infographic to highlight some of the most important and intriguing radio designs from across the last 100 years. From the early models of the 1920s through to the very latest sets, you’ll find them all […] Read more »