Benefits of Coconut Oil Pulling

coconut oil pulling infographic

Having trouble keeping your gums healthy, teeth white and breath fresh?  Then you should find out more about coconut oil pulling for oral health. The infographic below by Authority Diet explains how to do coconut oil pulling step-by-step and its benefits. Oil pulling has been practiced for centuries.  Apart from coconut oil, olive and sesame oil can also be used.  However, they are not as […] Read more »

How an Electric Toothbrush Creates An Electric Smile

electric toothbrush infographic

Have you ever wondered what features you should be looking for when shopping for an electric toothbrush.  If you are in the hunt for an electric toothbrush, the following features should be kept in mind: Effectiveness: An electric toothbrush with an oscillation movement of rotation works best.  The more vigorous, the better job the toothbrush does scrubbing your teeth. Bristle: Studies have found that a […] Read more »

10 Oral Hygiene Tips

oral hygiene infographic

Gingivitis, cavities, as well as hordes of other diseases can affect your mouth without proper oral hygiene. The dentists at Yaletown Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry have helped prevent these conditions by advising proper brushing and flossing techniques while providing expert dental care to those in need. By being irregular with brushing and flossing, you run the risk of getting cavities and the build-up of plaque, […] Read more »

How Coconut is Good for Dental Health

coconut oil infographic

Coconut oil comes from the flesh of the coconut. It is saturated fat but what makes coconut oil different is that it’s mostly in the form of medium-chain triglycerides. Around half of this fatty acid is lauric acid, which has antibacterial properties. The properties of lauric acid are that it kills contaminants as well as converts them into monolaurin which fights germs and fungi. It […] Read more »

30 Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Foods for Healthy Teeth Infographic

Having healthy teeth and gums is no accident. It is achieved through consistent oral health care. There are many ways to keep your mouth healthy, though. Among these are brushing your teeth every day, flossing, seeing a dentist every six months, and eating the right foods. Foods? Yes, there are foods that are considered healthy for gums and teeth. Read on to find out what […] Read more »

10 Interesting Facts About Teeth

Teeth infographic

Teeth are one of the most important parts of the body. We use them every day to eat, drink, smile, and speak properly. I’m sure you have all heard from your dentist or parents how to brush and floss properly or how to maintain basic oral hygiene. This infographic from dental professionals at Encore Dental is a bit different. Did you know that tooth enamel […] Read more »

A Guide to Beating Bad Breath

Bad breath infographic

Just about everyone has suffered from bad breath at one point or another, but some people experience the condition chronically. If you have struggled with this problem, you already know that it can affect your social life and lead to feelings of insecurity and depression. You are not alone. Millions of other people face the same issue every day. Not every case of bad breath […] Read more »

How to Brush Your Teeth

Teeth Brushing Infographic

Dentists all over the world have been promoting proper tooth brushing and flossing for a very long time. Unfortunately, most of us don’t listen to them, as we think that brushing is a simple, everyday task that we’re very good at. The bad news is that the majority of people do not brush their teeth properly which can lead to future dental problems such as […] Read more »

No Need to Fear, the Modern Dentist is Here!

Dentist Fear Infographic

Most people are fearful of the dentist, the dentist’s office and of undergoing any kind of dental treatment. These fears are based on past fearful experiences that have little or nothing to do with what the dentist’s office is today. This infographic shows what has changed in dental treatments and in the dentist’s office, and explains the way in which modern dentists are trained to […] Read more »

What’s Your Smile Worth to You?

Adult Orthodontics Infographic

What’s the first thing you notice when meeting someone new? According to research, the majority of Americans notice the person’s smile. With a growing number of innovative orthodontic options that better suit an adult lifestyle, 67% of Americans think they are never too old for orthodontic treatment. So take care of your smile!   Read more »