How to Jump Start a Car in 9 Steps

Car jump start infographic

Jumping a car battery is a simple procedure, but you have to do it very carefully. If you make a mistake while attempting to jump-start your vehicle, you could cause an accident. It’s important to take all safety precautions seriously and be prepared. Whether or not your jump is successful can depend on several different factors. Cold weather can greatly affect a car’s ability to […] Read more »

23 Ways to Extend Your Car’s Life

Car Maintenance infographic

If you’ve never purchased a home, your car might be the most valuable thing you own. If you do own a home, your car is still your second most expensive asset. You could be inadvertently making it more expensive by neglecting to do some of these simple tips and tricks. That’s why we put together the ultimate list of ways to extend the life of […] Read more »

Steps to Buying a Used Car Carefully

car inspection infographic

Buying a used car can be fun but at the same time a very time consuming and frustrating process. If you’re primarily dealing with car dealerships it’s hard to find a dealer that you can trust with your hard earned money. Getting a referral from someone helps, but what you really need to be aware of is the quality of the car that you are […] Read more »

Uber vs. Lyft

Ride Share infographic

Uber and Lyft are two apps that have revolutionized the way people get around. They are ride sharing apps that allow users to order rides to their location. You are probably familiar with each of them but you might not know all of the pros and cons between the two. Read this infographic to see which one might be better for you the next time […] Read more »

Summer Driving: Danger on the Roads

summer driving infographic

It’s summertime. Teenagers are on the road instead of in school, families are traveling on vacations to places near and far, and the rest of us have to deal with it. Some of the most dangerous driving conditions occur in lieu of the summer holidays like Independence Day, Memorial Day weekend, and Labor Day. Holidays are a lot of fun, but fun can mean people […] Read more »

Car Insurance for Women

Car Insurance infographic

Women have a reputation, at least according to their husbands and boyfriends, of being distracted drivers. But contrary to that stereotype women are actually considered the safer drivers, at least according to this statistics presented in this infographic. Quotiva makes it easy to compare niche insurance policies which others don’t compare using their stress-free quote comparison system. Read more »

Is Distracted Driving the New Drunk Driving?

distracted driving infographic

There is a new safety hazard endangering drivers, and it is involved in 80% of all collisions. It isn’t alcohol or drug use, in fact, 70% of people admit to doing it behind the wheel. What is this safety hazard? Using your cell phone while driving. Distracted driving doesn’t get as much media attention as drunk driving, but new data suggests that it is can […] Read more »

What Does it Take to Ship a Car?

Car Shipping Infographic

Car shipping costs vary depending on the country the car is being shipped to, the make and model of the car, and in some cases overall dimensions of the car. This infographic gives the average costs and offers some guidance to anyone considering shipping either a car, van, truck, motorhome or caravan overseas. Exact costs can be obtained by visiting this website and completing their quick quote […] Read more »

8 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Will Never Reach its Claimed MPG

Fuel Efficiency Infographic

The New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) is under more scrutiny for having a test cycle that simply does not replicate real life driving conditions. Vehicle manufacturers are claiming mpg figures up to 30% more efficient than they really are. Not only that, the NEDC has so many loopholes, it provides the opportunity for those manufacturers to manipulate the results, such as testing prototype vehicles which […] Read more »

Luxury Cars: Visions of the Future

Luxury Cars Infographic

From Bugatti to Bentley, there are many upcoming new releases to excite any car enthusiast. Perhaps the most notable, and more likely to go into production, is the Rolls-Royce Serenity Concept. With Japanese-inspiring interior detailing and decor touches, this beauty is an exquisite gem every collector will envy. Not to be outdone, there are 7 additional luxury cars boasting all wheel drive, hybrid fuel system […] Read more »