The Anatomy of a Car Crash in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix auto accidents infographic

Cluff Law, PLC has researched and introduced this infographic to help raise awareness about car accidents in Phoenix, AZ. It covers areas such as statistics, causes, impacts and what to do after a car accident. It was created to help raise awareness about the severity and increasing concern about car accidents in Phoenix. Hopefully by raising awareness we will be able to help reduce the […] Read more »

How to Keep Car Tires Cool During Summer

Car Tires in Summer infographic

Keeping your tires cool this summer is important. Even if you buy the most high quality tires for your vehicle, that doesn’t mean they are heat resistant. The truth is, no rubber tires can stand too much summer heat. That’s why blowouts or unexpected tire failures are so common during the warmer months. And because this creates dangers for travelers, it’s imperative to keep your […] Read more »

15 Smart GPS Fleet Tracking Implemented Industries

Fleet tracking infographic

These days, transportation and logistics companies like rental cabs, courier delivery, medical transport and specialty transportation services have to manage huge fleets of vehicles so that they can conduct their daily business activities smoothly. As a fleet manager, you need to collect crucial data such as vehicle status, real-time location, driver habits, and a lot more. Handling your vehicle fleet in the traditional requires you […] Read more »

Alloy Wheels – Gift Your Vehicle a Stunning Look

alloy wheels infographic

Alloy wheels account for the most purchases in the entire wheels and tires domain. Much of it has to do with the style and substance it brings to your vehicle. The availability of a variety of alloy wheels online, as well as in physical stores makes you literally spoiled for choices. However, a word to the wise; Don’t get overwhelmed by the options. It is […] Read more »

10 Signs You Need to Change Your Tires

Changing Tires infographic

All tires get old, worn down and damaged. But how would you know that your tires need replacement? What are the signs? As a car owner, you need to know when your vehicle needs new tires. Not just for your safety but for good driving performance. Worn tires can cause a lot of trouble, and in most cases, can be catastrophic while driving. Here are […] Read more »

How to Prevent Tires From Getting Flat

flat tire prevention infographic

Imagine you’re driving in the middle of nowhere when suddenly your tires fail. Flat tires, again? While at times it’s inevitable, there are proven ways that could minimize the risks of getting flat tires. Unexpected flat tires should be, and can be, avoided because aside from the inconvenience it gives the driver, a flat tire may also cause some road-side accident. Here are ways to […] Read more »

Different Types of Tires

types of tires infographic

Are you planning to change the tires on your car anytime soon? The first thing an auto or tire store will need to find out is what type of tires you are looking for. If you don’t check out all your options, you might end up making a wrong decision. Buying tires means making big decisions, and there is a lot to consider. Of course […] Read more »

Tips to Keep Tires Properly Aligned

tire alignment infographic

What is a tire alignment and why is it important? If you care how your tires perform, but especially care about your personal safety, you need to make sure your tires are being properly aligned on a regular basis. A tire alignment is should be part of standard automobile maintenance. It refers to the adjustment of the angles of the wheel to ensure they are […] Read more »

How to Jump Start a Car in 9 Steps

Car jump start infographic

Jumping a car battery is a simple procedure, but you have to do it very carefully. If you make a mistake while attempting to jump-start your vehicle, you could cause an accident. It’s important to take all safety precautions seriously and be prepared. Whether or not your jump is successful can depend on several different factors. Cold weather can greatly affect a car’s ability to […] Read more »

23 Ways to Extend Your Car’s Life

Car Maintenance infographic

If you’ve never purchased a home, your car might be the most valuable thing you own. If you do own a home, your car is still your second most expensive asset. You could be inadvertently making it more expensive by neglecting to do some of these simple tips and tricks. That’s why we put together the ultimate list of ways to extend the life of […] Read more »