Catastrophic Vehicle Accidents In Missouri

car accidents in missouri

A catastrophic vehicle crash is a major wreck that causes debilitating personal injuries, typically to the spine and/or brain. Every year in the United States, vehicle-related traumatic brain injuries lead to approximately: 232,240 emergency department visits 53,391 hospitalizations 14,795 deaths Aggressive drivers in Missouri injured 35,727 people last year with speeding leading to 10,840 crash-related injuries. Distracted driving and alcohol and drug use also contributed to […] Read more »

Car Parts Explained

Car parts infographic

This infographic was created to help explain some of the most important parts of your car and what they do. Each part is listed below with a short description. The car diagram is of course a generic car so the same parts in your car may be positioned in a different area depending on the make and model. Read more »

How to Outfit Your Motorhome for the Zombie Apocalypse

zombie apocalypse infographic

When the Zombie Apocalypse arrives, you will need a vehicle capable of protecting you from the incoming hordes. That’s why Comfort Insurance designed a motorhome which they think will be able to give you all the protection you need, the tools to survive a battle, and the means to make a quick escape. Scroll through the infographic to explore both the inside and outside of […] Read more »

14 Performance Parts for Your SWM Enduro Bike

enduro bike parts infographic

Whilst a bit of bike wear and tear is a sign of good use, it can be hard to find durable replacement parts. We have collated an infographic to showcase the most durable SWM bike parts, so no matter how much you ride, you can be sure the bike is fitted with great quality replacement parts. This infographic shows how aftermarket SWM parts can give your bike that […] Read more »

All Season Tires vs. Performance Tires

all season and performance tires infographic

It’s important that you check your tires before a long trip. Make sure your tires have the capacity to withstand the harsh condition on the road. First, ask your vehicle repairman if you need new tires. And if you do, determine the best tires suitable for the weather in your area. You may opt for a cheaper set due to your budget, but make sure […] Read more »

When to Upgrade Wheels

Wheel upgrade infographic

Did you know that upgrading the wheels can help improve the appearance and the value of the car? There are various ways to go about this, but before upgrading your wheels, it’s helpful if you have a little knowledge about wheels and how an upgrade is done. Whether the upgrade is for appearance or performance purposes, it’s important that you know how to fit your […] Read more »

8 Interesting Facts About Tires

tire facts infographic

Ever wondered how tires are manufactured? And what are tires made of? Who were the people who first used them for transportation? No idea? Well, keep reading. Tires are a crucial component of every vehicle. We all know that. The problem is that most of us don’t really care about our tires until we get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat. It’s […] Read more »

The Anatomy of a Car Crash in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix auto accidents infographic

Cluff Law, PLC has researched and introduced this infographic to help raise awareness about car accidents in Phoenix, AZ. It covers areas such as statistics, causes, impacts and what to do after a car accident. It was created to help raise awareness about the severity and increasing concern about car accidents in Phoenix. Hopefully by raising awareness we will be able to help reduce the […] Read more »

How to Keep Car Tires Cool During Summer

Car Tires in Summer infographic

Keeping your tires cool this summer is important. Even if you buy the most high quality tires for your vehicle, that doesn’t mean they are heat resistant. The truth is, no rubber tires can stand too much summer heat. That’s why blowouts or unexpected tire failures are so common during the warmer months. And because this creates dangers for travelers, it’s imperative to keep your […] Read more »

15 Smart GPS Fleet Tracking Implemented Industries

Fleet tracking infographic

These days, transportation and logistics companies like rental cabs, courier delivery, medical transport and specialty transportation services have to manage huge fleets of vehicles so that they can conduct their daily business activities smoothly. As a fleet manager, you need to collect crucial data such as vehicle status, real-time location, driver habits, and a lot more. Handling your vehicle fleet in the traditional requires you […] Read more »