Forklift Accidents – Causes and Prevention

forklift safety and accidents infographic

This infographic shares some pretty eye-opening data about forklift accidents. With over a million forklifts in use around the United States every day, it’s no wonder that accidents occur. In fact, according to the numbers presented here, 90 percent of all forklifts will be involved in some type of accident during their lifetime. The main focus of this infographic is presenting the 10 most common […] Read more »

Distracted Driving The New Epidemic

Distracted Driving The New Epidemic - Infographic

The car accident attorneys at Millar & Mixon, LLC offer a very informative infographic that provides details about driving distractions that can cause people to get into car accidents. Discover the most common driving distractions, how many people are doing them, age groups that are most distracted and laws against driving distractions per state. The law office of Millar & Mixon hopes that this infographic […] Read more »

10 Deadliest Counties For Illinois Drivers


The Car Accident Lawyers at Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. compiled important data for this infographic about the most dangerous counties in Illinois for drivers. This infographic was put together from data found at the Illinois Department of Transportation and U.S. Census Bureau Illinois Quick Facts. This driver statistics infographic provides information about Illinois counties that had the most fatal car accidents recorded in 2010 […] Read more »

Dangers of Cycling In Cities

Dangers of Cycling in Chicago - Infographic

This infographic, prepared by Chicago bicycle accident lawyers, was designed to increase awareness of the dangers bicyclists face in large cities. It depicts the causes of bicycle accidents as well as the injuries typically sustained in an accident, gives statistics related to bicycling, and addresses the laws that must be followed by bicyclists. Courtesy of: Chicago Bicycle Injury Attorney Free Infographic Submissions Read more »