The Secret Packing Item for Endurance Backpackers, Hikers and Ultra-Minimalist Travelers

merino wool infographics

Over the last couple of years, more and more people are discovering the benefits of merino wool as a performance fabric, whether they are climbing mountains, skiing back down them or traveling the world out of a backpack. So, why is merino wool so popular compared to other fabrics? This infographic breaks down the main reasons for the explosive growth in merino clothing, including how […] Read more »

Catchers in the Hall of Fame

hall of fame catchers infographic

There are 18 catchers in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Each of these men played in different eras, for different teams, each leveraging different strengths on their path to baseball immortality. These legends contributed much to the game of baseball and they deserve to be remembered. This infographic aims to celebrate the 18 Hall of Fame catchers by displaying information about […] Read more »

Women’s Baseball History

Women in baseball infographic

The Women’s Baseball League in America started amid World War II. More men were being drafted into the armed forces, and as a result, baseball fans were slowly losing interest. This provoked Philip Wrigley along with his assistant to start a baseball league played by women. Everybody loved women’s baseball. But what about its history? Do you know how it started? What urged the women […] Read more »

Sports and Leisure Gifts for Dad

sports gifts for dad

Your dad, just like anyone, is a human being who loves presents. Who cares if it’s cheap, DIY, or something he doesn’t think he needs, the fact that you gave him something is enough to melt his heart. And if he’s into sports, there’s a wide array of gifts you can give him. Here’s just a few to help you decide. Read more »

Most Common Sports Injuries

sport injuries infographic

Soccer, basketball, tennis, football, golf, and baseball are some of the most popular sports in the world, enjoyed by both amateur players and professional athletes. However, each of these sports come with their own set of risks and potential injuries. In this infographic, we detail the most common injuries for each sport, along with some handy injury prevention tips. Although it’s impossible to fully protect […] Read more »

10 Types of Martial Arts

martial arts infographic

Martial arts come in many different types. They also originated in many different countries, particularly Japan, Korea, Brazil, America, and countries in Europe. The purpose of martial arts is primarily for self-defense, sport, or exercise. Some of the most famous types of martial arts include Kickboxing, Judo, Karate, Aikido, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Traditional boxing, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, and Wrestling. If you want to learn […] Read more »

10 Tips For Buying School Sports Equipment

sports equipment infographic

The athletic department of any school is usually in charge of ordering the sports equipment. The coaches together with the administration make the budget while at the same time keeping an inventory of all equipment. But before buying any equipment, there are things to consider first. When buying school sports equipment, it’s important that you choose equipment made of high quality materials. Also, consider the […] Read more »

The Effects of Alcohol on Muscle Building

muscle building infographic

Does drinking alcohol affect the building of muscles? A research study has been done that shows that alcohol prevents muscle growth and your overall post-exercise recovery. It’s interesting to think about, but muscle building while drinking alcohol can have harmful effects that make it impossible to achieve for a number of reasons. Read on to find out what they are. Read more »

Top Muscle Building Foods

muscle building foods infographic

If you want to build muscle, don’t just go to the gym every day and lift weights. Consider your diet. Did you know that there are foods that can help you build muscle? This infographic from NO Max Shred is full of great food choices for building muscle. Read more »

8 Ways to Keep Your Bike Safe While Touring

bike safety infographic

Bike touring can be one of the most exhilarating experiences. The freedom and adventure is enough to get the whole family excited and exercising at the same time. However, if there is one sure way to turn that trip of a lifetime into something you’ll remember for the wrong reasons, it’s getting your bicycle stolen. Obviously, without a bike the adventure is over. Don’t panic! […] Read more »