10 Stunning Festival Makeup Looks

Festival makeup infographic

Summer is a time for music, joy and socializing. However, it is also a time when your makeup is not as disciplined as it normally is. Your hair can’t wait to get messy and your time seems to have better uses than sitting around all day looking for ways to stop the heat and the sun from ruining your carefully planned makeup. With this in […] Read more »

What’s Happening Near Your Place in the Portland Area?

Portland festivals infographic

Are you living in Portland or a surrounding area? Great! Then you should be aware of the latest venues and festivals that took place in April. If you have live at Parkrose Heights apartment rentals or nearby then you will be in the center of the entertainment! It may be too late to attend these events this year, but put them on your calendar for […] Read more »

The Best Snow Festivals in Europe

Summer festivals are a thing of the past. Snow festivals are the latest craze and you don’t have to be a pro skier to enjoy one. Snow festivals are a week of skiing, boarding and apres ski combined with secret forest raves, igloo discos, pool parties, street parties and basically more parties. Today’s infographic from the lovely folks over at ZooHood, rounds up the best […] Read more »

If Your Festival Were a Welly, Which Would it Be?

UK Festivals and Wellies Infographic

If you’re going to a festival in the UK this year this very handy guide will help you find out which welly is best for which festival so you’re not left out in the mud. Wellies (or galoshes in other parts of the world) are an essential part of festival fashion and a crucial part of the overall experience. But aside from all of that, […] Read more »

Why Do People Attend Summer Festivals?

Summer Festivals Infographic

Ever wondered what attracts people to summer festivals? I know what my priorities are: music, friends and alcohol. But is there more to it for other people? As it turns out, there is. A lot of people do look for more from festivals and even more surprising, I found that my priorities are not necessarily popular with others. This infographic was created to share the reasons people went […] Read more »