For those who suffer from data overload, there’s nothing better than an amazing visual design to bring conceptual data into vision. Most infographics show statistics and bring those statistics to life by structuring the information in a way that makes the weird seem more understandable.

InfographicPost.com is a place to find the best infographics on the web into your view by bringing the most interesting and informative infographics on the Web to you. Infographics are creatively designed and visually stimulating. Check back for new infographics every week so you can share them with others and engage at the same time.

Infographic is short for information graphic. Other names for infographic creation are information design and data visualization. They are also an expanded form of a meme. You surely have seen memes floating around the Internet. They are pictures with text on them.

A picture is worth a thousand words. People have been saying that for centuries! Not just because it is a fun adage, but because it is true. We started this site because we LOVE infographics and love seeing data in pictures. It tells a story and relates with people in a way that other mediums cannot. Go browse a few of them and you will see for yourself. If you have an infographic you would like to submit, visit our free infographic submission page. Thanks for dropping by!