5 Performance Items for Men: The Gymshark Buyer’s Guide

workout clothes infographic

To get the best out of any workout, it is important to wear high-quality performance wear that will allow for maximum movement and optimal performance. That’s a given. It is very likely that, without premium gym clothes to wear, chances of injury are very high. Gymshark is one brand who boasts top-of-the-line fitness apparel for men designed to bring out the best in every athlete. […] Read more »

10 Great Foods That Power Up Your Workout

Workout nutrition infographic

Working out without all the right nutrients for your muscles could lead to metabolic problems in the long run. This is why correct nutrition is fundamental to achieving your goals easily and keeping your body injury-free. After all, health is the first goal of fitness, isn’t it? We have to try to fuel our bodies with all the most important nutrients. So, delivering the right […] Read more »

Top Muscle Building Foods

Muscle Building infographic

Did you know there’s a way to retain or even gain more muscle with less fitness training? This is no joke. In fact, many people have proven it. The secret lies in your nutrition. The obvious mistake most bodybuilders make is they don’t care about nutrition and don’t care about the food they eat. Most people only focus on training hard, not realizing they’re only […] Read more »

How to Exercise Effectively

Exercise Tips infographic

Are you looking to lose weight, become more fit and feel better but not sure how to do it? Fear not as this list of seven exercise tips was created to enable you to achieve your fitness goals. We know that busy lifestyles can sometimes result in a lack of attention to our exercise routines, which is why we’ve tried to incorporate efficient activities that will […] Read more »

What Workout Equipment Should I Buy?

Gym Equipment infographic

Getting into shape is not a black-and-white situation with a single A-to-B pathway. Based on your preferences, budget, and timeline, you can opt for a variety of ways to meet your goal. If increased flexibility is high on your list, the first thing to consider is your current level of flexibility. If you can just about touch those toes but not completely, think about how […] Read more »

The Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Gym Equipment

Outdoor Gym Equipment infographic

Outdoor gyms are becoming more and more common in parks and playgrounds all around the world, in a global attempt to get more people healthy and active. Outdoor gym equipment is more often than not free to use for members of the public and offers a great way for anyone and everyone to start exercising or integrate it into their existing daily or weekly workout. […] Read more »

How to Run a Marathon

Marathon Training Infographic

You might be preparing for your first marathon, or a veteran of running 26.2 miles and looking to improve your time. Either way, finding tips to running a marathon successfully are always helpful. Since it isn’t always as easy as quickly just putting one foot in front of the other, this infographic was created with you in mind. Learn how to bust marathon myths you […] Read more »

Ice, Ice, Maybe?

Healing with Ice Infographic

This infographic expertly explains the drawbacks of only using ice to heal a fitness injury. It also shows the benefits of combining ice and heat together for a smooth recovery. This information is pertinent to everyone from the beginning athlete to the seasoned fitness expert. Read more »

Get Fit In 10 Minutes


Fitting everything you want to do into your week is sometimes difficult. We are all just so busy! My own work week consists of 50 to 60 hours depending on the time of year, and like everyone else I would rather be doing fun things like spending time with my children, watching sports, socializing with friends and family or taking the dog for a walk. […] Read more »

Women’s Workout Myths


There are too many myths online about the various “best ways” for women to work out. Honestly the best ways for men and women aren’t all that different. We have very similar bodies. Did you know that men and women can do the same workouts? Lifting weights isn’t going to make a woman bulk up. Women don’t have the requisite testosterone in her body. It’s […] Read more »