Astrology Dieting Based on Your Zodiac Sign

astrology nutrition infographic

Isn’t it fascinating knowing what our Zodiac signs say about what to eat and not to eat? While others don’t completely believe, others claim it’s helpful. Pisces need iron and calcium fluoride is essential for Cancers. Here’s an infographic presented by UltraPur Forskolin talking about astrology dieting based on your sign. Read more »

Is Bread Bad for Your Health?

bread infographic

Bread is packed full of carbohydrates, which then get processed as glucose in the body. This means that bread can raise your blood sugar quickly (it is high glycemic). Eating a diet with a higher glycemic index is associated with a higher risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes. Bread also contains a lot of gluten. People can react to gluten in negative ways such […] Read more »

6 Foods That Will Help You Avoid Eye Problems

Eye health infographic

To eat well is to live well. Aside from well-planned workouts and regular vitamin intake, having a meal plan that consists of healthy food would significantly contribute to having a healthy lifestyle. But when it comes to proper eye health, the most common ways to protect your eyesight includes having at least 7 hours of sleep a day, using safety eyewear outdoors, and having your […] Read more »

Ways to Reduce Risk of Dietary Lectins

lectins nutrition infographic

Are you looking to achieve optimum health through the foods you eat? Not all health foods that we eat are good for us. Dietary lectins that are found in foods can cause bad health side effects such as leaky gut and autoimmune disease. One way you can reduce your risk is to know which foods are high in lectin so you can avoid them. The […] Read more »

10 Great Foods That Power Up Your Workout

Workout nutrition infographic

Working out without all the right nutrients for your muscles could lead to metabolic problems in the long run. This is why correct nutrition is fundamental to achieving your goals easily and keeping your body injury-free. After all, health is the first goal of fitness, isn’t it? We have to try to fuel our bodies with all the most important nutrients. So, delivering the right […] Read more »

Why Smoothies are Better Than Juicing

Smoothies and Juicing Infographic

With the hype that juicing is getting from the health community, it’s important to remind ourselves that there are other alternatives. Smoothies are a great example. In many ways, they are better for you than juicing. One of the main reasons is the presence of fiber in smoothies. This helps you feel fuller longer and provides for a much more enjoyable cleanse. Also, with smoothies you have the option to add […] Read more »

32 Unhealthy Foods You Think Are Good For You

Unhealthy Foods Infographic

The hardest part about being healthy is sifting through all the conflicting advice from doctors, the FDA, expert studies, and schools. Unfortunately, most of the food we’re told we should be eating is actually pretty terrible for us. Often, science will find a healthy food, and greedy companies will find ways to process it to make it last longer and be produced for cheaper. This […] Read more »