Linear Vs Dynamic Navigation – Upgrading the Ecommerce Shopper Experience

Building a successful ecommerce store is a difficult task. Creating an engaging and helpful shopping experience is even tougher.

How do you effectively tie your data, your products, your layout, and your user experience together? Worse, how do you take all of that, and account for your shopper’s quirky behavior? You know they NEVER do what you expect them to do. They’re weird!

Well, they’re only weird when you try to think like all of your customers, at once. It’s an impossible task, but what you can do is realize they all have the same common desire. They want what they want, and they want to find it their way. So, let them. Stop trying to predict how your shoppers are going to think and start building for their unpredictability. Let them shop by what matters to them most. Show them every product that matches those wants, and hide the rest.

When you deliver an engaging shopping experience with dynamic product faceting you give the shopper exactly what they want. In turn, you get what you want – a shopper that turns into a customer.
ecommerce navigation infographic

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