Amazon Product Trends

Amazon product trends infographic

Our generation has reached a point when technology governs almost every aspect of our lives. One of the benefits is that it changes the way we buy and sell products. Enter e-commerce websites. Among the most popular e-commerce sites is Amazon. It allows us to buy and sell items from the smallest to the most up-scale products. It caters a wide array of categories, which […] Read more »

10 Tips to Get the Best Amazon Deals and Discount

Amazon deals infographic

We are so lucky to have Amazon discounts and deals on everything from books to electronics right at our fingertips. With more than 30 categories, there are lots of choices for your shopping needs. But can you believe there are some that don’t know how to access the best deals, discounts, and benefits? Why not take some time to research and learn ways to get […] Read more »

Should You Sell on Amazon or eBay?

ecommerce infographic

What is the appeal for the many people who sell goods on Amazon and eBay? What are the advantages of choosing these titan-sized e-commerce platforms? Many will agree that selling on both sites leads to opportunities, hence more profit. While some users prefer one site over the other, we can’t deny the competition between the two online giants. Each has their strengths so how do […] Read more »

15 Mind-Blowing Stats about Online Shopping

online shopping infographic

Thirty years ago, our grandparents would drive all the way to town to buy what they needed. Though it was normal, disappointment would kick in as soon as they found out the item they needed was out of stock. Sorry, grandma. We’re lucky – we can avoid such disappointment through online shopping as it allows us to browse the websites of our favorite stores and […] Read more »

How the Performance, Reliability, and Security of Your E-Commerce Site Impacts Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Ecommerce Infographic

It turns out that over half of online shoppers say that the speed of a website loading influences whether or not they are committed to making a purchase. Whether you agree or disagree, there are many factors that decide whether a visit to an online store will become a conversion or not. Since web hosting is an important part of e-commerce, ZeroLag put together this […] Read more »

How to Appeal to the 4 Shopper Types

Online Shopper Types Infographic

There are 4 types of online shoppers: the Expert, who knows exactly what he wants the Lister, who knows the features he wants the Novice, who doesn’t know what he wants and needs your advice the Browser, who knows you will inspire him Find out how each of the types shops and how to enhance their online shopping experience. Check the statistics of online shoppers’ […] Read more »

eCommerce: Retail’s New Storefront

Ecommerce Infographic

It’s official, shoppers have turned to eCommerce to purchase their goods. The amount of online shopping is increasing more each year and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop anytime soon. eCommerce is quickly changing the storefront retail industry and how people shop. This means that the marketing industry is going to change the way it advertises to consumers too. Koeppeldirect has created […] Read more »’s First Ever Christmographic

Christmas is a great time of the year. So many people hustling and bustling to get things done and being so nice to each other. Once in awhile it is nice to look at some of the figures of the holiday for a better view of things. For those doing their shopping online, 77% did it from a desktop in 2012 and we can only […] Read more »

What Is E-Commerce?

What Is E-Commerce - Infographic

E-Commerce is short for Electronic Commerce First of all, online shopping, which is also referred to as e-shopping, or e-commerce, is a multi-billion dollar industry. Many people do online shopping all the time. It has become a part of our everyday lives in the same way that regular shopping is a part of our everyday lives. The definition of E-Commerce is: Buying and selling of […] Read more »

Staples – Can Online Investment Increase My Offline In Store Sales?

The ROPO Effect, Staples, and purchasing online

What is ROPO? ROPO is the English acronym that is used for the expression “Research Online Purchase Offline”. This means that consumers spend time looking into the product/service on the internet, and then after their research is complete, they purchase the product offline. Portugal has an old citizen ID card that is being switched out and phased out by a newer Citizen Card. Their new […] Read more »