Tips for Amazon Sellers to Increase Sales

Amazon selling infographic

Amazon merchants, especially the newbies, have one common question in mind. How to increase sales on Amazon? What is the secret of those sellers who gain huge profits from Amazon? Sadly, there is no one sure way to be successful. But it pays to know the things that may or may not help your business. Here are some useful tips and strategies that could be […] Read more »

How Big is Amazon?

Amazon infographic

Amazon is one of today’s most respected e-commerce giants. Do you know how big it really is though? In a 2014 analysis Amazon had a whopping 244 million active users. In 2016, it had 54 million prime customers and thousands of employees, and the number keeps increasing. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? If you want to know more about Amazon, here are some interesting facts. Read more »

The Evolution of Amazon

History of Amazon infographic

Amazon is a well-established e-commerce company, and in fact, one of today’s most respected retail titans. It’s now a multi-million empire, attracting over 130 million customers to its US site each month. Yes, nobody can mess with Amazon. But did you know how the company started? This infographic is a brief timeline of Amazon’s evolution from Jeff Bezos beginning work on a business plan in […] Read more »

The DNA of a Successful Amazon Seller

Amazon selling infographic

If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably understand the challenges when it comes to selling your products on Amazon. Yes, it’s not easy. With a vast market and endless innovation, how do you stand out? How do you make people notice your items? Here’s an infographic from Buy Box Experts that explains the 4 traits of successful Amazon sellers. The Data Scientist. They don’t use traditional […] Read more »

9 Amazing Things to Know About Amazon – Infographic

9 Amazing things to know about Amazon Infographic

In Business, the curve is always steeper: Amazon, the million-title-bookseller turned world’s-largest-retailer hit the $50 billion sales mark in 1/2 the time it took Walmart to do such. Amazon has laid waste to almost all of it’s high-caliber competitors. Amazon started playing with a full-court press with the like of Barnes & Noble, Walmart and all the way to Apple. The Amazon juggernaut keeps outgrowing […] Read more »