Cross Device Marketing – Statistics and Trends

cross device marketing infographic

Online shoppers own 3.64 connected devices on average and 80% of consumers bounce between devices to shop online. Twenty-five percent of online customers start transactions on smartphones and complete it on a desktop, whereas 35% of online buyers begin a transaction on a desktop and complete it on a smartphone. That is why 40% of online transactions involve multiple devices such as desktop, mobile phone, […] Read more »

How to Market Your Mobile Website Internationally

App Marketing Infographic

Finding articles on how to expand your website internationally is quite easy, but people seem to never talk about mobile websites. While they are quite similar to regular websites, there are extra factors to consider when marketing one, such as evaluating how each page’s design appears on a smaller screen. Also, when targeting a new country (for expansion), you have to do some research on […] Read more »

Mobile Ranking Factors

2017 mobile ranking infographic

In the modern day when PCs are no longer the main platform used for Internet browsing, mobile SEO has become a must for rising above the competition in one’s marketing niche. More and more high-quality mobile sites find their way on the first page of Google’s search results, proving the necessity of optimizing your web resource properly. So how does one use SEO to the […] Read more »

Why Your Gym Needs to Go Mobile

Mobile business infographi

Over 190 million people in the U.S. own smartphones and your gym or business can take advantage of this. Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, which is why going mobile is great. Going mobile will simplify the process for booking which helps improve engagement by 80%. Mobile also gives business owners more control over pricing, promotions, customer service and feedback. It is essential […] Read more »

Game of Phones

Smartphone infographic

This infographic was put together to show the large scope for small and medium sized business to cash in on a growing online market. The rising figures are for smartphone use and by adapting to mobile friendly websites and apps these companies could benefit hugely. Our generation’s smart phone addiction should be viewed as an opportunity not be to be missed! Original Source of infographic […] Read more »

eCommerce: Retail’s New Storefront

Ecommerce Infographic

It’s official, shoppers have turned to eCommerce to purchase their goods. The amount of online shopping is increasing more each year and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop anytime soon. eCommerce is quickly changing the storefront retail industry and how people shop. This means that the marketing industry is going to change the way it advertises to consumers too. Koeppeldirect has created […] Read more »

Get Your Business a Mobile App

The Intelliboy infographic below explains why getting a business app on your mobile device would make life easier for the busy individual who likes to be able to keep in touch with work while doing everything else. It shows how it is possible to be connected to your work documents whether you are at home, out socializing or at your desk. It also highlights that […] Read more »

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design Infographic

Responsive web design is growing bigger by the minute. As the market grows in ‘devices’ more and more people enter into multiple device terrain. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and smart watches are all part of this world, and in order for online business to adapt to this new world, online design is becoming more ‘responsive.’ Below are the 10 benefits behind responsive web design. What […] Read more »

The Future of Proximity and Micro-Location Marketing

“Location, location, location” was once only a mantra in real estate, but it’s found a new home in marketing as brands tighten their targeting on in-store shoppers. With the ubiquity of mobile devices and advances in location technology, brands can now send real time, relevant ads to shoppers about to buy. To see how brands have leveraged location to make purchasing more personalized, take a […] Read more »