How to Find Spy Software on Your Mobile Device

spy software infographic

Have you ever had that sneaking suspicion that someone is spying on your cell phone? You might not be too far from the truth. With the latest developments in technology this problem is becoming much more common, with many apps now available online. has designed this infographic to be used as a quick guide for signs to look for. You know your phone better […] Read more »

3 Simple Money Making App Features For Your Business Needs

Business Apps Infographic

These days it’s easier than ever for small businesses to take advantage of the power of the mobile app. While it was once something only the biggest businesses with huge marketing budgets could afford, using services like AppInstitute, small business owners can build their own apps without writing a line of code. But why do you need an app? How can it help your business? […] Read more »

Why Your Gym Needs to Go Mobile

Mobile business infographi

Over 190 million people in the U.S. own smartphones and your gym or business can take advantage of this. Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, which is why going mobile is great. Going mobile will simplify the process for booking which helps improve engagement by 80%. Mobile also gives business owners more control over pricing, promotions, customer service and feedback. It is essential […] Read more »

Uber vs. Lyft

Ride Share infographic

Uber and Lyft are two apps that have revolutionized the way people get around. They are ride sharing apps that allow users to order rides to their location. You are probably familiar with each of them but you might not know all of the pros and cons between the two. Read this infographic to see which one might be better for you the next time […] Read more »

The Essential Guide for Business Travelers in 2015

Business Travel Infographic

This comprehensive infographic designed by Statesman Travel is crammed with useful tips and tricks garnered from the travel experts that strive to improve their clients’ business trips on a daily basis. It’s this personal service that gives them an in-depth insight into their wants and needs. From packing suitcases with the most up-to-date technology to eating appropriately, making the most of the in-flight experience, downloading […] Read more »

How To Be Effective When Studying

Study Helps Infographic

We all get distracted when studying, especially when we are surrounded by entertaining technology. Sometimes it is necessary to make a big effort to have willpower and resist the temptation. But technology, used in the correct way, can also help us to organize our time much more efficiently. Students in schools and universities use different software on a daily basis to help them with their […] Read more »

Get Your Business a Mobile App

The Intelliboy infographic below explains why getting a business app on your mobile device would make life easier for the busy individual who likes to be able to keep in touch with work while doing everything else. It shows how it is possible to be connected to your work documents whether you are at home, out socializing or at your desk. It also highlights that […] Read more »

8 Ways to Strike Gold at the App Store

This infographic provides an in-depth look at what causes the App Store’s sales to soar during the holiday season, and how app developers can make the most of the year-end spending frenzy to drive app downloads. The information graphic provides insight and guidance on planning an App Store strategy for the holidays to make sales hit new highs. It has been specially designed for app […] Read more »

Why Your Business May Need a Mobile App

Mobile Business App Infographic

Most business owners understand that having some kind of presence on the web is important to reach a growing online customer base, and they may have already created a website, blog, Twitter account, and Facebook page for their business. While most think that their job is done when it comes to planting a flag for their business on the Internet, the reality is that they may also need to think about […] Read more »

Android App Developer

Android App Developer Infographic

Android App Development – Who Makes The Apps 58% of Android app developers are independent developers 40% of Android app developers work for a company developing apps How many people work in these companies? 45% 1 person 27% 2-5 people 7% 6-10 people 22% 10 or more people Which App Markets can developers submit their Android apps to? 66% Amaozn Appstore 49% SlideME 39% Getjar […] Read more »