Cross Device Marketing – Statistics and Trends

Online shoppers own 3.64 connected devices on average and 80% of consumers bounce between devices to shop online. Twenty-five percent of online customers start transactions on smartphones and complete it on a desktop, whereas 35% of online buyers begin a transaction on a desktop and complete it on a smartphone. That is why 40% of online transactions involve multiple devices such as desktop, mobile phone, and iPad.

Online customers have 30% lifetime value who use more than one channel for purchasing as compared to those who shop only from the single device. Seventy percent of online customers use more than three devices to purchase anything online and 71% people react negatively when they are having inconsistencies in brand experience across the devices. Cost device attribution insights reduce the cost per action by 30% to 50% and increase ROI by 50% to 100%.

It has become the top priority of online merchants to match the customers across the multiple devices for marketing purpose. As 83% of consumers see their value in being recognized with personalized experience across all the devices.


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