Cross Device Marketing – Statistics and Trends

cross device marketing infographic

Online shoppers own 3.64 connected devices on average and 80% of consumers bounce between devices to shop online. Twenty-five percent of online customers start transactions on smartphones and complete it on a desktop, whereas 35% of online buyers begin a transaction on a desktop and complete it on a smartphone. That is why 40% of online transactions involve multiple devices such as desktop, mobile phone, […] Read more »

iPhone 8 Wishlist

IPhone 8 infographic

It’s hard to believe that the iPhone is almost ten years old. It’s a device we’ve all come to know and love, and imagining a world without the App Store and Siri seems unusual. However, while the iPhone remains one of the world’s most popular smartphones, it’s by no means a perfect smartphone. There are lots of little things we’d love to change to make […] Read more »

Advantages of a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile Website infographic

Due to the fast growing number of smartphones in the market today, most people use their mobile phones to access the internet. This is why a mobile-friendly website will impact any organization or business that aims to reach out to their target audiences online. A mobile-user optimized web design has immediate benefits from improved search engine results, ranking to improved user satisfaction and improved sales. […] Read more »

How to Find Spy Software on Your Mobile Device

spy software infographic

Have you ever had that sneaking suspicion that someone is spying on your cell phone? You might not be too far from the truth. With the latest developments in technology this problem is becoming much more common, with many apps now available online. has designed this infographic to be used as a quick guide for signs to look for. You know your phone better […] Read more »

The Horrors of Data Roaming

Data Roaming Infographic

Tep Wireless scoured the globe to uncover some of the worst victims of extortionate mobile phone bills. Did you know that the data roaming industry generates over $42 billion dollars every year and that just watching a 3 minute video on YouTube while abroad could cost you $100! Be warned, these horror stories may well keep you up at night! Original source of infographic by […] Read more »

How To Track A Mobile Phone Using GPS – Infographic

How To Track A Mobile Phone With GPS - Infographic

How to track a mobile phone with Crystal Ball’s Mobile Track Global fuel costs are spiralling and coupled with the growing trend of employees being asked to work remotely, companies have been turning to GPS tracking as a solution to track their employees productivity and to help reduce their fuel consumption. GPS Tracking has traditionally been implemented through the installation of black box tracking units […] Read more »

Mobile Madness, How Did Mobile Phones Engage With NCAA March Madness?

Mobile Smart Phone Usage During March Madness 2012-Infographic

Mobile Madness, How Did Mobile Phones Engage With NCAA March Madness? Over 2,000 U.S. adults were surveyed to see how they engaged with mobile devices during the 2012 NCAA Tournament. How did mobile impact the NCAA tournament consumer experience? Mobile insights: Mobile devices gave users immediate access to data, content, and scores during live events. For 26% of passionate fans, fans with a favorite team […] Read more »

T-Mobile Advancing Mobile Device Learning In The United States

Mobile Device Learning In United States

Mobile technology is rapidly changing the way we learn. As individuals, we learn much of what we learn from our computers, our smart phones and cell phones, and our iPads and tablets. Schools are catching on to this major shift in learning and exchange of knowledge. Schools are recognizing that mobile devices like tablets and notebooks are cheaper than most laptops and are easier to […] Read more »