10 Tips for On-Page SEO Management

On page SEO infographic

If you’re a newbie looking for some clue on how to establish your website’s credibility, consider on-page SEO management. SEO tips keep flooding throughout the web and it can be overwhelming leaving you wondering what to do. We understand how overwhelming it can be. You should know you have a choice to decide what’s best for your site. Study this infographic for some good tips […] Read more »

10 Effective Ways to Boost Organic Traffic

organic SEO infographic

Want your online business to succeed? One of the most important things to do is promote your site or product on the internet. The point is to drive traffic to the site. But if you think it’s easy, it’s not. There are effective ways to help you boost organic traffic, though. Here are some of them. 1. Optimize the site for your target audience. One of […] Read more »

How SEO Helps Businesses

SEO for Business infographic

If you have a website but are still not bringing in customers and converting, you can benefit from the help of an SEO specialist. SEO or Search Engine Optimization can help improve your business’s visibility online. In order to bring more traffic and higher rankings on search engines, the SEO specialist does a lot of things that will improve a site’s branding and website content. […] Read more »

Signs of a Good SEO Company

seo company infographic

If you want to optimize your website, then you need some SEO experts to help you. However, finding a reliable SEO agency can be tricky at times. The truth is that only a few can deliver quality service. There are a few things you need to consider when researching SEO experts, otherwise you’ll be wasting a lot money and even worse risk ending up disappointed. […] Read more »

6 Effective SEO Secrets

SEO secrets infographic

If you know search engine optimization (SEO) and understand how to use it to your advantage, then you will ultimately be a successful internet marketer. However, SEO is constantly changing because the major search engines are always updating their algorithm causing your rankings to shift from time to time. There are, however, a few SEO secrets you can use to keep you afloat in this […] Read more »

Outsource Your SEO or Keep it In-House?

hiring seo infographic

So you have a website. Are you ready to optimize it? If you are, you have two options: (1) Create an in-house SEO team or (2) Hire an SEO company. While there’s no perfect answer, the best thing to do is to understand the differences. What are the pros and cons? Study this infographic to decide which is best for you. Original infographic by SEONational.com. Read more »

What SEO Settings Will You Get With Magento 2?

Magneto 2 SEO infographic

As you may know, the era of Magento 2 is coming, and one of the important steps to a new platform (because it’s not just a simple upgrade) is to understand what it will provide you with. That is why Amasty team created an infographic on all the SEO-related settings that are available in Magento 2 right out of the box: Auto-Field Generation, rich snippets […] Read more »

Unique Challenges Franchise Businesses Face With Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

franchise search marketing infographic

Business franchises come in many shapes and sizes, from nationally recognized household names to locally grown niche businesses. No matter what the size of the franchise, they all encounter difficult challenges at some point or another. In terms of a digital marketing campaign, the franchisee and franchisor might not be on the same wavelength. Whereas a franchisor would typically want to control the message they […] Read more »

Measure Your AdWords Optimization in Minutes With 3 KPIs

Adwords optimization infographic

This infographic was designed to give an easy, but powerful, methodology to measure the optimization level of an AdWords account by looking at 3 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It analyzes the level of efficiency, looking at the quality score of the most expensive keywords and thus giving a precise answer to the question: Am I getting the lowest PPCs I can? Afterwards it looks at effectiveness, analyzing conversion […] Read more »