25 Viral Websites to Kill Your Productivity

viral websites infographic

Some websites these days are so fascinating that we end up spending hours and hours consuming the content. The good thing is, we can learn a lot as they take away boredom and inspire us in some way. Isn’t that great! The downside, however, is that it can make us unproductive at times, forgetting that we have lots of work and other responsibilities. Who can […] Read more »

7 Benefits of Flat Design

Flat design benefits infographic

This infographic explains the 7 benefits of flat design and why having a website that uses flat design looks so good. Flat design is the perfect example of the popular saying “less is more.” Flat design is a basic and minimalistic design that de-clutters a website and draws the viewer’s attention directly to the main content instead of confusing graphs and distracting illustrations. Flat design […] Read more »

WordPress vs Joomla, Which CMS is the Best?

wordpress vs joomla infographic

Planning on building a website this year with a lot of content? Are you planning on migrating your website to another content management system? Are you generally interested in either WordPress or Joomla? This infographic can help you choose between the 2 biggest fish in the CMS pond. WordPress, founded in 2003 by Matt Mullenberg, was initially a blogging system, but has grown to a […] Read more »

How to Plan Your Website Localization Project

website localization infographic

If you want to be taken seriously by customers and prospects worldwide, your brand needs to speak their language. Although marketers understand that language is the bedrock of personalization, few of them know how to plan a website translation project that will provide the best return on investment. Besides choosing an experienced language service provider as your partner, there are some steps you can take […] Read more »

The Stages of Planning and Designing a Website

Website Design Infographic

This infographic shows the importance of planning, designing and optimizing your website. It’s critical that you get these elements correct so that you can convert potential customers into sales. Elements such as color, usability, text and images used are an important factor and can transform the overall impression and trust of your website. Once you have these covered then you have a strong foundation for […] Read more »