17 Ways to Cut Costs at Your Small Business

Cost saving infographic

Did you know that 95% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years? One of the main reasons for these stats is poor business management in finance, purchasing, selling, production, and hiring and managing employees. The infographic from i-Credit that we are sharing is how to reduce cost in your small business. It lists 17 different ways to cut costs, thought not all may […] Read more »

Important Differences Between Manual and Automatic Screen Printing

screen printing infographic

A lot of people wonder what the difference is between manual and automatic screen printing processes for promotional gifts. An example of a promotional item where a screen printing process is used is promotional cups. The infographic below explains this difference and shows the stages of the screen printing process. Read more »

Save Money By Doing Business in Ireland

Ireland business infographic

Did you know that Ireland is turning into a tech hub of Europe? Believe it or not, the major business players like Apple, Facebook or IBM opted to launch their offices or headquarters in the Emerald Island. As you can guess, the picturesque views have nothing to do with their choice. One interesting fact about Ireland is that it’s also called a tax haven due […] Read more »

Online Business Ideas You Can Start

online business ideas infographic

Starting an online business is easy if you have the right skills. Because internet marketing is based online, you can reach potential customers from anywhere in the world. Aside from that, you can also work from virtually anywhere and at a time convenient for you. However, there are things you need to consider before starting your online business. It will also require careful planning. Here […] Read more »

Tips for Amazon Sellers to Increase Sales

Amazon selling infographic

Amazon merchants, especially the newbies, have one common question in mind. How to increase sales on Amazon? What is the secret of those sellers who gain huge profits from Amazon? Sadly, there is no one sure way to be successful. But it pays to know the things that may or may not help your business. Here are some useful tips and strategies that could be […] Read more »

Commercial Warehouses In the US

Warehouse infographic

No matter how many changes come to the American economy, warehouses have remained a vital component of doing business. The idea of warehouses stems back hundreds of years beginning with a need to store food, and their uses have evolved over time to encompass a wide variety of industries. While nearly every nation in the developed world has warehouses, America has long placed a high […] Read more »

7 Tips for Writing a Killer Press Release

press release infographic

The main goal of a press release is to report specific, yet brief information about an event, circumstance or any happenings tied to a company or organization. So are you ready to craft your press release? Make sure it’s effective so that when someone reads it, they may likely call you back. Read on for more tips to help you craft a great press release. Read more »

Customer Feedback Per industry

customer feedback infographic

During the last few years, more and more businesses are starting to realize that we are in the era of the Voice of the Customer. Companies are tuning into every possible channel to learn what customers truly demand of their products and services. This can be done through requesting staff to take note of complaints and compliments from customers, or by allowing customers to provide […] Read more »

Digital Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

Digital marketing infographic

Despite the barrage of information detailing tips on how effective digital marketing is done, local business owners still get confused. What exact steps do they need to take? Are there secrets? How much money do they need to spend so that profit keeps coming in? Yes, it can be overwhelming and confusing. To help local business owners, here are some proven digital marketing strategies they […] Read more »

Annoying Coworkers Habits at the Office

annoying coworkers infographic

Working with other people can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand you can be surrounded by talented, inspiring and hard-working people who help you to get the most out of your work life. On the other hand you can be forced to work alongside ignorant, obnoxious and selfish people. This infographic focuses on the latter. Unfortunately, every workplace has people with […] Read more »