Digital Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

Digital marketing infographic

Despite the barrage of information detailing tips on how effective digital marketing is done, local business owners still get confused. What exact steps do they need to take? Are there secrets? How much money do they need to spend so that profit keeps coming in? Yes, it can be overwhelming and confusing. To help local business owners, here are some proven digital marketing strategies they […] Read more »

Annoying Coworkers Habits at the Office

annoying coworkers infographic

Working with other people can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand you can be surrounded by talented, inspiring and hard-working people who help you to get the most out of your work life. On the other hand you can be forced to work alongside ignorant, obnoxious and selfish people. This infographic focuses on the latter. Unfortunately, every workplace has people with […] Read more »

3 Ways Modeling Agencies in Toronto Are Heating Up Corporate Parties

Modeling Agency infographic

Models as Brand Ambassadors can help boost your brand promotions and give a great first impression to all your guests at parties and corporate events. Hiring models from the best modeling agency in Toronto can save a lot of your time and money plus they also provide expert planning and party set-up ideas to ensure that the event is an extraordinary success. Here are 3 […] Read more »

The Evolution of Amazon

History of Amazon infographic

Amazon is a well-established e-commerce company, and in fact, one of today’s most respected retail titans. It’s now a multi-million empire, attracting over 130 million customers to its US site each month. Yes, nobody can mess with Amazon. But did you know how the company started? This infographic is a brief timeline of Amazon’s evolution from Jeff Bezos beginning work on a business plan in […] Read more »

3 Simple Money Making App Features For Your Business Needs

Business Apps Infographic

These days it’s easier than ever for small businesses to take advantage of the power of the mobile app. While it was once something only the biggest businesses with huge marketing budgets could afford, using services like AppInstitute, small business owners can build their own apps without writing a line of code. But why do you need an app? How can it help your business? […] Read more »

Why Do Projects Fail?

business project success infographic

Not every project is destined to succeed. As a matter of fact, only 3% of all companies manage to successfully finish all of their projects. What are the main reasons for this? Why do so many projects fail? In fact, as much as 17% of projects go so wrong to the extent that they threaten the future of the company. By working on the common […] Read more »

How Logo Colors Affect Your Business

Business Logos infographic

It’s not just words or music, colors have meaning, too. We may not be aware of this, but our mind unconsciously connects with these meanings. Green, for instance represents nature, blue for calmness, and white for cleanliness. Nobody told us about it. It’s instinctive. For business owners, it’s important to know the meaning of different colors. This will help them decide the most appropriate color […] Read more »

5 Minute Resume Hacks

Resume Hacks infographic

Let’s face it. Writing a resume is not an easy task. It takes time, sweat, and effort. And when you finally get it done, it just doesn’t seem to work. You keep sending it, and you don’t get a response from recruiters. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like that. If you know how to make a resume that is attractive to employers, you can […] Read more »

Learn the 12 Agile Principles

Agile Marketing Infographic

If you’re new to agile project management, the 12 Agile Principles are what you need to remember to make sure you’re getting it right! The Agile Manifesto was originally designed to encourage better ways of developing software. However, Agile is now commonly used across many industries, particularly the creative ones. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a project manager or a software developer, using Agile will […] Read more »