The Truth About Fixed Vs. Percentage Royalty Fees

royalty fees infographic

Starting a franchise business does not guarantee instant success. As a potential franchisee, you need to fully understand that you don’t just pay the fee and get started. There is still plenty to understand including the terminology used in the franchising industry, the initial franchise fee, and the ongoing royalty fee. The franchise fee upfront covers the initial training, license to use trademark and business […] Read more »

Unique Challenges Franchise Businesses Face With Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

franchise search marketing infographic

Business franchises come in many shapes and sizes, from nationally recognized household names to locally grown niche businesses. No matter what the size of the franchise, they all encounter difficult challenges at some point or another. In terms of a digital marketing campaign, the franchisee and franchisor might not be on the same wavelength. Whereas a franchisor would typically want to control the message they […] Read more »

Franchising Disputes in Australia

Franchise Disputes Infographic

In Australia, the franchising industry is rising rapidly. Over 400,000 people are employed in franchises and 90% of these franchises are operating profitably. Currently, the top 3 franchise industries are retail and trade, accommodation/food services and admin/support services. The below infographic demonstrates the increase in demand for franchises and the types of industries these franchises are found in. It also delves into the most common […] Read more »