Million Dollar Business Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Ever dream of starting your own business? Ever come up with an idea for a new product that you think “hey, it’s just so crazy it might sell”? Brainstorming ideas for new products, inventions, and businesses is a fun way to escape the daily grind. But even though it may seem like a fantasy, the truth is deep down we know that anyone of us […] Read more »

Entrepreneurs and Social Media

Social Media and Entrepreneurs infographic

Social media is only growing in popularity, and utilizing social media as an entrepreneur or business owner is necessary for success and visibility. Since social media is new and foreign to many business owners, there is some hesitancy to jump on the bandwagon. This infographic from the UAB Collat School of Business explains why its important to start using social media. Read more »

7 Critical Steps to Developing Your First Amazing Product

Product Design infographic

Ever had a great idea for an amazing new product and wondered what it would take to get it out of your head and into reality? You’re not the only one! Sadly, thousands of would-be inventors have great product ideas which could really help the world, but which never see the light of day because of analysis paralysis and thinking that creating a product is […] Read more »

Online Business Ideas You Can Start

online business ideas infographic

Starting an online business is easy if you have the right skills. Because internet marketing is based online, you can reach potential customers from anywhere in the world. Aside from that, you can also work from virtually anywhere and at a time convenient for you. However, there are things you need to consider before starting your online business. It will also require careful planning. Here […] Read more »

Growth Stats and Future Opportunities in the Online Travel Industry

travel industry infographic

Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for the next profitable online business idea should consider this infographic about different opportunities in the online travel industry. With over 10% annual growth, the online travel industry presents wonderful opportunity for people who want their own online travel booking website, travel assistant apps, discussion forums for travelers, and more. It is unwise to start a venture in the online travel industry […] Read more »

Online Business Ideas

online business infographic

Want to start your own online business but not sure where to begin? Perfect! This new infographic from will help you find the ideal opportunity so you can enter the exciting world of entrepreneurship. There are opportunities for every skill set and personality type. In many cases, all it takes is a laptop and an Internet connection to start building your own empire. Take […] Read more »

Launching An Academic Writing Freelance Career

freelance writing infographic

In recent times a marketplace for freelance writers has turned out to be one of the most growth oriented business models. It has ample market space and huge demand from both consumers and writers. From freelance writers to businesses, such websites are in huge demand and offer great sustainability. The fact remains that the need for proficient content will never end making it a viable […] Read more »

Ecommerce Entrepreneurs: Is Working From Home Right for You?

Work from Home Infographic

Many owners of small ecommerce businesses tend to run their business from home to cut the cost of working in a commercial office. However, working at home can be troublesome and counter-productive, so, MyStoragePod takes you through a viable alternative in detail – self storage. By My Storage Pod – The Ecommerce Entrepreneur’s Choice: Work from home or a self storage office? Read more »

6 Inspiring Modern-Day Entrepreneurs and What We Can Learn From Them

Inspiring Entrepreneurs Infographic

All successful businesses started somewhere but even when small businesses start at the same place, they don’t always become successful. So how can those small businesses achieve similar success level? This infographic from the University of Maryland School of Business ( talks about six modern-day entrepreneurs, their accomplishments, and what we can learn from them. Read more »