Best Advertising Options for Small Businesses

Advertising for small business infographic

Advertising may sound expensive, but it’s the best way to be known in your market. You don’t need to break the bank as there are advertising options that are low cost, yet creative and effective. If you’re planning to advertise your small business, consider online marketing. These days, people spend more time on the Internet anyway. Take advantage of it. To help you, here’s an infographic […] Read more »

17 Ways to Cut Costs at Your Small Business

Cost saving infographic

Did you know that 95% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years? One of the main reasons for these stats is poor business management in finance, purchasing, selling, production, and hiring and managing employees. The infographic from i-Credit that we are sharing is how to reduce cost in your small business. It lists 17 different ways to cut costs, thought not all may […] Read more »

Small Loans for Big Business

Business Loans infographic

National Funding is a leading financial service provider for small businesses, and in efforts of giving inspiration to entrepreneurs and small businesses, they created this beautiful infographic. It essentially tells the stories of brands such as Domino’s, Steve Madden, Chipotle and more! Read more »

6 Inspiring Modern-Day Entrepreneurs and What We Can Learn From Them

Inspiring Entrepreneurs Infographic

All successful businesses started somewhere but even when small businesses start at the same place, they don’t always become successful. So how can those small businesses achieve similar success level? This infographic from the University of Maryland School of Business ( talks about six modern-day entrepreneurs, their accomplishments, and what we can learn from them. Read more »

The Small Business Health Economy

Small Business Healthcare Infographic

Health benefits are a difficult thing for most small businesses to provide for their employees. Yet the best employees won’t work for a company that doesn’t provide health benefits. The costs of group health insurance continue to climb ever higher, and it may be time to look at another option: Individual Health Insurance Reimbursement. Read more »

How Financially Healthy is Your Business

Business Finance Health Infographic

Four organizations – Pepperdine University, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and FundWell – came together to measure the financial health of small businesses. The goal was to raise awareness of financial best practices among small to medium businesses. After all 65% of the new job growth in 1993-2009 came from small businesses and without complete financial awareness, […] Read more »

Smart Small Business Marketing Budgets

Although budgeting is not an activity that business owners jump with joy for, it’s a necessary part of running a successful company. Marketing intelligently is important, and savvy business owners already know this. Even though it is a way to bring in new customers and new revenue, marketing plans and budgets are often an afterthought after everything else is paid for. To succeed in the […] Read more »

Maximizing Cash Flow Infographic

maximize cash flow infographic

Get tips on how to maximize your operating levels with this cash flow infographic from Citizens Bank. From taking out a small business loan to covering lulls in your cycle to balancing accounts payable vs. accounts receivable, managing your cash flow is very important. Everyone from the guy in the cog to the guy making it knows about cash flow problems. We all want to […] Read more »

How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media – Infographic

How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media - Infographic

9% of small businesses say that a social media expert would be the best hire after a book keeper. I think that number is so low due to a lot of small business orders not understanding what social media can do for them. Most business owners are still new to understanding the internet. I talked with a small business owner last week who is 40 […] Read more »