Important Differences Between Manual and Automatic Screen Printing

screen printing infographic

A lot of people wonder what the difference is between manual and automatic screen printing processes for promotional gifts. An example of a promotional item where a screen printing process is used is promotional cups. The infographic below explains this difference and shows the stages of the screen printing process. Read more »

Why Companies Give Away Freebies

Free Samples infographic

This infographic was created by one of the most well known free sample sites in the UK, FabFreeSamples. They asked the big brands in the UK why they give away free samples and got some interesting results. The main reasons for giving away free samples were: 1. Promotional giveaways – Mainly to increase samples. 2. Feedback on new products – Companies want to know WHAT […] Read more »

6 Steps to the Perfect Advertising Gift

Promotional Mugs Infographic

This infographic provides an easy-to-use, six step guide to selecting, printing and ordering promotional mugs. There are several things to think about and get right to make sure that you get the right mugs (cermanic, bone china or plastic?), printed with your artwork, delivered on time and on budget. As well as a choice of mug styles, there are print options which include a single position […] Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Visual Branding

An essential part of a business’s promotion strategy is visual branding. The visual brand is the first thing that customers, clients and potential staff will see so it’s vital to get this right. To help you along the way, this infographic was created so that your business will be on the right path to success. Read more »

How to be the Super Hero at Your Next Industry Trade Show

Promotional Products Infographic

The power of using promotional products at a trade show cannot be overlooked. This infographic illustrates which promotional items are liked the best, used the most, and appreciated by most people. Using these promotional gifts will ensure your brand’s visibility for a long time to come, and in the broadest audience possible. People using your trade show giveaway are spreading brand awareness to everyone they come […] Read more »