Digital Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

Digital marketing infographic

Despite the barrage of information detailing tips on how effective digital marketing is done, local business owners still get confused. What exact steps do they need to take? Are there secrets? How much money do they need to spend so that profit keeps coming in? Yes, it can be overwhelming and confusing. To help local business owners, here are some proven digital marketing strategies they […] Read more »

A Digital Marketer’s Guide for Discovering the Right A/B Testing Formula (Without Going Mad!)

Digital Marketing A/B Testing Infographic

Sometimes, trying to make sense of the sheer number of variables involved in A/B testing can make your head spin. When starting, the number of possible pathways can be overwhelming. Fortunately, almost everything could provide viable information. Unfortunately, almost everything could provide viable information. This infographic shows you a few useful places to start, so that you can target the most useful variables right away. Read more »

Optimizing Your Digital Advertising for Holiday Shoppers

Holiday Digital Marketing Infographic

As the holiday season gets nearer, the window of opportunity for improving your holiday sales gets smaller and smaller. Optimizing your digital marketing campaigns ensures the right people are finding your product at the right time. Check out this infographic for some great data and tips to optimize your campaigns. Read more »

Digital Marketing Infographic

Digital marketing

Digital marketing can be a hard nut to crack so we ( lightened up the mood with a funny twist on the dodgy characters to avoid. When setting out to find help online you often find people/consultants saying they can help, but can they really? Often not, they either use old techniques, the wrong techniques or miss out half of the picture. If you want […] Read more »