Mobile Gaming Business in India

mobile gaming in india

For any app developer who is considering going into gaming app development, it’s vital to get a good all-around overview of what you can expect once you decide to proceed with your endeavors. As can be ascertained from the infographic below, though, there’s practically no reason to have second thoughts when deciding whether you should test the waters or not. The mobile gaming app industry […] Read more »

iPhone 8 Wishlist

IPhone 8 infographic

It’s hard to believe that the iPhone is almost ten years old. It’s a device we’ve all come to know and love, and imagining a world without the App Store and Siri seems unusual. However, while the iPhone remains one of the world’s most popular smartphones, it’s by no means a perfect smartphone. There are lots of little things we’d love to change to make […] Read more »

Advantages of a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile Website infographic

Due to the fast growing number of smartphones in the market today, most people use their mobile phones to access the internet. This is why a mobile-friendly website will impact any organization or business that aims to reach out to their target audiences online. A mobile-user optimized web design has immediate benefits from improved search engine results, ranking to improved user satisfaction and improved sales. […] Read more »

Mobile Ranking Factors

2017 mobile ranking infographic

In the modern day when PCs are no longer the main platform used for Internet browsing, mobile SEO has become a must for rising above the competition in one’s marketing niche. More and more high-quality mobile sites find their way on the first page of Google’s search results, proving the necessity of optimizing your web resource properly. So how does one use SEO to the […] Read more »

File Collaboration: Linking iPhones to Desktops

Linking iPhones to Your Desktop infographic

When you need to share files between devices, you are probably looking for the fastest file sync software available. A reliable file collaboration solution can help solve the cross-device functionality issues and offer the compatibility that we desire. Learn more about the various solutions for syncing mobile devices with desktops here: Original infographic provided by Resilio Read more »

Why Your Gym Needs to Go Mobile

Mobile business infographi

Over 190 million people in the U.S. own smartphones and your gym or business can take advantage of this. Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, which is why going mobile is great. Going mobile will simplify the process for booking which helps improve engagement by 80%. Mobile also gives business owners more control over pricing, promotions, customer service and feedback. It is essential […] Read more »

The Evolution of the iPhone and iCloud

iPhone growth infographic

Since its debut back in 2007, Apple’s iPhone has come a long way and revolutionized the industry. While it was a hit from the start, the company has seen more success with each release by adding features that practically demand that consumers upgrade to the latest model. However, perhaps their biggest innovation was the iCloud which changed the way that users backup their smartphones. As […] Read more »

Game of Phones

Smartphone infographic

This infographic was put together to show the large scope for small and medium sized business to cash in on a growing online market. The rising figures are for smartphone use and by adapting to mobile friendly websites and apps these companies could benefit hugely. Our generation’s smart phone addiction should be viewed as an opportunity not be to be missed! Original Source of infographic […] Read more »

Responsive Design and the Impact of Smartphones

mobile web design infographic

With the increase of smartphone users a lot of things have changed, especially for website owners, email marketeers and designers. Whereas before it was okay to design with one size in mind, nowadays you need to ensure compatibility for the complete range of mobile devices, tablets, and ereaders. This infographic provides some background and statistics on why this is a trend that should not be […] Read more »