America’s Most Haunted

Believers or not, we are all intrigued by the paranormal. Part of human nature compels us to watch horror films about ghosts, monsters, zombies, etc. And don’t forget about the numerous reality ghost hunting shows that currently air on TV—like Ghost Hunters (Syfy), Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel), Dead Files (Travel Channel), A Haunting (Destination America) and Paranormal Witness (Syfy). There is something so intriguing about something we just can’t understand.

One in five people believe they’ve encountered a ghost. And if you’ve ever lost someone, nearly 30 percent of Americans believe they’ve been in touch with someone who has died. We’ll never quite know if this is all due to an overactive imagination—or something more. But what we do know is that the paranormal will remain part of every society. For example, seances were first used as far back as the third century; however, they didn’t become popular until the 1800s.

Grab a U.S. map and you’ll quickly discover that haunted destinations are located in each state. This infographic explores not only the cities with the most paranormal activity, but also goes indepth to illustrate America’s most haunted homes. Ever hear of the Whaley House (San Diego), Myrtles Plantation (Louisiana), the Amityville House (New York)…yeah, that last one probably caught your attention! These and others made the most haunted list. Check them out!

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