2017 Interior Design Trends

2017 home design trends infographic

If you’re planning to renovate  or redecorate your house this year, consider these 2017 home design trends. Before you start, it’s helpful if you do your research. Be creative when redesigning your house. Choose the right colors and make sure to structure your home for efficiency. If you want to get ideas from others, that’s okay. Do your research and learn from different homeowners. Home […] Read more »

Amazon Product Trends

Amazon product trends infographic

Our generation has reached a point when technology governs almost every aspect of our lives. One of the benefits is that it changes the way we buy and sell products. Enter e-commerce websites. Among the most popular e-commerce sites is Amazon. It allows us to buy and sell items from the smallest to the most up-scale products. It caters a wide array of categories, which […] Read more »

Millennial Shopping Trends

Millennial shopping infographic

As you are well aware, millennials preferences are constantly evolving, making it especially difficult for retailers to keep up with the most recent trends. Did you know that 73% of millennials make purchases directly on their smartphones? With all of the information available out there, distinguishing between good and bad advice when it comes to retail practices can be what seems like an impossible task. […] Read more »

Mobile Marketing And Advertising Trends 2012 – Infographic

Mobile Marketing And Advertising Trends 2012 - Infographic

Source: Mobile Marketing Trends from the Millennial Media 2012 Mobile Highlights Report. Apple released the iPad Mini at the beginning of November 2012 to plug the hole in its tablet range. Previously, Apple only offered the larger 9.7 inch tablet which let companies like Amazon and Google move unopposed into the 7 inch market. The iPad Mini uses the same processor as the iPad 2 […] Read more »