Odds of Famous Couples Getting Divorced

celebrity divorces infographic

After Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie in 2016, you are probably all wondering who will be the next famous couple to get divorced? To find out, USA Online Casino conducted a large national survey and asked 1,000 Americans to name the three celebrity couples they thought were most likely get divorced in 2018. Check the results of their research combined in this exclusive infographic and […] Read more »

Couples From Hell and Other Valentine Survey Results

Couples from Hell infographic

With Valentine’s Day (or “Single’s Awareness Day” as it is sometimes known) just around the corner, Just Eat has released the results of a recent survey about people’s attitudes toward Valentine’s Day and dating in general. The main finding uncovered in the survey is what people consider to be “The Couple From Hell,” that horribly gooey-eyed couple that go out in public and make everyone […] Read more »

Celebrities on the Move

Celebrity Homes Infographic

The lives of the rich and famous tend to be on display for the entire world to see day in and day out. With that being said, have you ever wondered how A-list celebrities move to and from their mega homes without ever being seen? Most of these moments are never caught on camera, which is incredible to think since most paparazzi tend to stay […] Read more »

Doomed Celebrity Engagement Rings

Doomed Celebrity Engagements Infographic

When two celebrities get engaged there is often a magazine deal, an interview,  and more often than not an extraordinarily expensive engagement ring. A ring so expensive that it would make a grizzled lumberjack cry like a schoolgirl. But sometimes celebrity engagements and marriages don’t last, which means that the ring is left languishing and the guy is left kicking himself for spending so much. This […] Read more »

Are You a Hustler or a High Roller?

Gambling Personality Infographic

Are you a card shark, a friendly player or the one who is never invited to a game? Here’s your chance to learn what others think about your style of play. Take an honest look at how and why you play games of chance and answer a few quick questions to determine your personality style when it comes to gambling. This infographic chart doesn’t just apply to […] Read more »

Iconic Handbags Throughout History

History of Iconic Handbags Infographic

A single handbag can make a tiny, but significant dent in the history of humanity. One piece can be used to make a fashion statement and even align people’s lifestyles to protect the environment. How are these possible? Here are some examples: Glamour for a Cause Plastic bags from groceries and shopping sprees collectively lead to the waste of 10 billion bags each year. “I am Not a […] Read more »

Celebrity DUIs: A Lesson in Sobriety

Celebrity DUI infographic

Ahhh…celebrities. We admire them for their lives of grandeur as much as we chastise them for the mistakes they make and the trouble they get in to. Trouble that isn’t usually far off from the trouble of us common folk, but because they live their lives in the spotlight we assume they should know better. Unfortunately, it’s the spotlight and fame that makes a celebrity […] Read more »