Love in Quotes and Numbers

love infographic

The sheer amount of romantic books, movies and other forms of art inspired by love tell us one thing: love is on people’s minds a lot. And no wonder, because love has the power to start and end wars, get people through incredibly hard times, and make people sacrifice all they have in order to save their loved ones. The following infographic on love doesn’t […] Read more »

Long Distance Relationships Tips

Long Distance Relationships infographic

Long distance relationships are hard to maintain even in the era of tech when we have all the facilities available to be in touch 24/7. Most long distance relationships are not long lasting. There comes a time in the relationship when the couple has to take a break. Excitement is usually the reason behind taking a break. Every passing day, the excitement level decreases gradually. Too much obsession […] Read more »

Couples From Hell and Other Valentine Survey Results

Couples from Hell infographic

With Valentine’s Day (or “Single’s Awareness Day” as it is sometimes known) just around the corner, Just Eat has released the results of a recent survey about people’s attitudes toward Valentine’s Day and dating in general. The main finding uncovered in the survey is what people consider to be “The Couple From Hell,” that horribly gooey-eyed couple that go out in public and make everyone […] Read more »

Bad Boy Characters Women Desire

Dating TV Bad Boys Infographic

The saying, “Nice guys finish last,” perfectly sums up the infographic you’re about to see. In a recent study looking at the male TV characters women want to date, nice guy characters barely got a mention. In fact 86% of the votes went to bad boys, with only one nice guy ranking in the top 10. This infographic presents the results of this recent study […] Read more »

The Cost of Love

The Cost of Love Infographic

This infographic portrays some interesting and unique facts surrounding love and Valentine’s Day. Produced originally as an ad targeting Valentine’s Day specifically, we found that it was getting many views afterwards and decided to keep sharing as the general public have engaged with, and seem to enjoy some of the fun facts presented. We chose a minimalist, yet classy design to emphasize the facts we […] Read more »

Top Tips To Ensure First Date Success – Infographic

Top Tips To Ensure First Date Success - Infographic

Lovestruck carried out their annual survey and decided to showcase their findings in the form of a dating infographic. Follow their dating tips to ensure your first date is a success. A few of the things you will find interesting are: 67% of lovestruckers still prefer the traditional evening date Older daters (35+) are twice as likely to agree to a lunch date 30% more women prefer […] Read more »

The Real Cost Of Dating – Infographic

The Real Cost Of Dating

Some might say that I am cheap when I dated. I only ever spent no more then $40 on a date. If I could swing it for less I would. The least amount I have ever spent on a date is about $12 and I took her to Jamba Juice. That date turned out to become my wife. Too many men take their dates on […] Read more »