Love in Quotes and Numbers

love infographic

The sheer amount of romantic books, movies and other forms of art inspired by love tell us one thing: love is on people’s minds a lot. And no wonder, because love has the power to start and end wars, get people through incredibly hard times, and make people sacrifice all they have in order to save their loved ones. The following infographic on love doesn’t […] Read more »

What You Should Know About Student Loans and Getting Married

Student Loans and Marriage infographic

It’s wedding season again, and with that comes the union of more than just two lovebirds. Newly wedded couples won’t only share the same last name and a home, but (a bit less romantically) accrued debt. If you’re thinking about tying the knot, make sure you look at all your options for money management, such as student loan consolidation. Read this infographic and learn about the things you should know […] Read more »

Marriage, Divorce, and De Facto Relationships in Australia – Infographic

Marriage, Divorce, and De Facto Relationships in Australia - Infographic

Information and statistics about marriage, divorce, and de facto relationships from Watts McCray Family Lawyers.  In today’s society, families take many forms, and can be founded on relationships between married, non married, de facto, and same sex couplings. Recent changes to Family Law mean that it is critical to be properly informed about the legal implications of any non married close personal relationship in which you […] Read more »