Australia: Everything Here Can Kill You

deadly Australia infographic

Beautiful as they may seem, the coastal Australian waters have been infamously known for a high number of shark attacks. Sharks are just one of the many species inhabiting Australia. There are some other wildlife just as dangerous and deadly as sharks, such as box jelly fish, crocodiles, spiders, drop bears, and snakes. These six species have been attributed to some of the human deaths […] Read more »

Australian Flights and Airlines Evolution

Australia Flights infographic

This infographic will help you learn about the history of Australian airports, flights and their domestic and international airlines. You will find more interesting facts about Australia’s aviation history, even how their in-flight food has evolved through the years. Likewise, if you wish to discover about the first Australian plane, its capacity, speed, cost and other physical aspects, check this one. They also compared the […] Read more »

The Makings of a Boom

mining boom infographic

The mining boom during the period of the mid-2000’s-2013/2014 was a major contributor to Australia’s economy, accounting for more than 6% during the peak. Some of the more interesting figures from this time are: 187,000 people were directly employed by mines, with 600,000 more employed in support roles and a general uplift in employment figures across every industry. $18B was generated in wages and salaries. […] Read more »

A Breakdown of First Time Home Buyers in Australia

Australia home buying infographic

Living the Australian dream includes purchasing your very own house, and getting on the property ladder means that you have secured a place to call home or invested in something for your future. Here is some interesting data as to how people from different states around Australia are planning on getting onto the property ladder and what their priorities are in regard to where they are […] Read more »

The Incredible Growth of the Australian Cruise Industry

Australian Cruising Infographic

It’s all about Australia’s booming cruise industry, which is the fastest-growing on the planet. In the past decade, the number of passengers taking to the high seas has grown by 500% – so it’s a pretty popular holiday choice! The infographic below shows information on which destinations are most popular with cruise travelers and where the majority of cruise fans live. Read more »

Brotox: More Australian Men Turning to Botox

Australian blue-collar men are now checking in for Brotox, or Botox for men. The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that 10 percent of cosmetic procedures are performed on men. In fact, Australia’s market growth for cosmetic procedures is higher than the USA. The reasons behind this trend is more than just about rejuvenating weathered faces from working in the harsh Australian sun. Many men […] Read more »

Franchising Disputes in Australia

Franchise Disputes Infographic

In Australia, the franchising industry is rising rapidly. Over 400,000 people are employed in franchises and 90% of these franchises are operating profitably. Currently, the top 3 franchise industries are retail and trade, accommodation/food services and admin/support services. The below infographic demonstrates the increase in demand for franchises and the types of industries these franchises are found in. It also delves into the most common […] Read more »

Australia’s Bill Paying Habits

Paying Bills in Australia Infographic

Paying bills would have to be one of the least enjoyable aspects of adulthood and understandably many of us can be guilty of missing a payment from time to time. Fox Symes & Associates, one of Australia’s leading debt consolidation providers, recently conducted a study involving 1,201 Australian adults which sought to explore some of the reasons we fail to pay our bills on time. […] Read more »

Financial Abuse by an Enduring Attorney

Seniors Financial Abuse infographic

Due to the aging population in Australia, the number of financial exploits of older Australians by Enduring Power of Attorneys (EPOA) is increasing. In summary, the Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document whereby a person authorizes another person to act on their behalf on the management for their personal, health and/or financial matters. This infographic talks you through this step by step. If […] Read more »

Australia’s Alarming Credit Card Addiction

Australia’s credit card debt is growing at an alarming rate with a combined total of $50,126,000,000 owed to lending institutions. This infographic illustrates how that debt is distributed amongst the Australian population. The latest credit card statistics released from the Reserve Bank of Australia paints an alarming portrait of a nation drowning in credit card debt. The 35-44 age group carries the most debt. Don’t get too […] Read more »