What’s Happening Near Your Place in the Portland Area?

Portland festivals infographic

Are you living in Portland or a surrounding area? Great! Then you should be aware of the latest venues and festivals that took place in April. If you have live at Parkrose Heights apartment rentals or nearby then you will be in the center of the entertainment! It may be too late to attend these events this year, but put them on your calendar for […] Read more »

Casino Facts From Around the World

casino infographic

Casinos have been a popular source of gaming entertainment for hundreds of years, all over the world. But have you ever wondered exactly how popular they are? Greektown Casino, a premier gaming destination in downtown Detroit, has prepared this infographic to show how popular casino gaming is around the world and what the casino industry looks like these days. Read more »

Casino Popularity Around the World

World Casino Popularity infographic

Casinos are one of the oldest forms of entertainment in the world, starting from the earliest primitive gaming halls all the way to the glittering, shining 24-hour casinos of today. But have you ever wondered where they came from, or how popular they are in the rest of the world? Check out Greektown Casino’s infographic and learn about casino popularity and history from all over […] Read more »

Little Mix from A to Z

UK Bank infographic

British music is immortal. Not just because of some music legends that the world still remembers, but also because of new talents that the UK can be proud of today. Little Mix has seen tremendous success since winning The X-Factor. Did you know that they’ve become the first band who managed to do this in the UK? Learn more about how they did it, who […] Read more »

Pokemon at the Olympics

Pokemon Olympics infographic

Here we have a fun infographic about the Pokemon Olympic games – the Pokéathlon! The infographic looks at the best events and the best Pokémon to choose, should it ever become available on Pokémon Go, you’ll know which ones to choose. Original source of infographic by Fish4Parts. Read more »

Evolution of the American Bar

American Bars infographic

American bars have a long history of supporting and helping to define social movements. In the early centuries, bars and taverns were exclusive to male clients. Women often worked in taverns as servers and barmaids, as these drinking establishments usually doubled as restaurants and grocery stores, but women never were customers. This all changed, ironically enough, during Prohibition. The rise of the speakeasy, those hidden […] Read more »

10 Reasons to Benefit From Foosball

Foosball benefits infographic

Most people think that Foosball is just a normal table game played with friends or at professional leagues for fun and that you cannot get any real benefits from it except the fun. Do you know that Foosball is not just a game and that you can actually really benefit from it? Wondering how? In this infographic we have mentioned 10 ways that playing Foosball […] Read more »

History TV Channels, Networks, and Series

History Tv Infographic

Books are great, but sometimes you just want to watch television. Sometimes you want to watch something specific and learn something new. This infographic was created by Writes Per Hour with those viewers in mind who love history. Maybe the subject as a whole does not appeal to you, but you want to know everything about the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations, or inventions from the […] Read more »

The Irish at the Oscars

Irish Oscars 2016 infographic

The people of Ireland have had something of an affinity with the hustle and bustle of the Oscars, America’s most prestigious movie awards night. Ireland has interests in six different categories at this year’s Academy Awards, with everything from Best Short Film to Best Feature Length Film having an Irish nomination (two in the case of the latter!) What most people don’t know however, is that not only do […] Read more »

Fluffy Favourites Online Slot

Fluffy Favorites Infographic

Being one of the most popular online slot games of all time, Fluffy Favourites is presented as the main side game on almost all bingo sites and also on a range of casino sites. This infographic was designed to help all new potential players get a feel for the game before playing. All of the cute and cuddly symbols and the prizes associated with them […] Read more »