Are You a Hustler or a High Roller?

Are you a card shark, a friendly player or the one who is never invited to a game? Here’s your chance to learn what others think about your style of play. Take an honest look at how and why you play games of chance and answer a few quick questions to determine your personality style when it comes to gambling.

This infographic chart doesn’t just apply to your situation. Consider how your friends play and gain insight into their personalities. The people who only play games they can win are likely hustlers in other aspects of life as well. The people who play whenever possible enjoy showing off, while others only play for the social aspect of meeting with friends.

This infographic from is available to teach you about these and other personality traits and how they are reflected in a person’s gambling style. You’ll be surprised by how much you can learn about someone from their gambling style.

Are You a Hustler or a High Roller

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