10 Great Reasons to Sell Your Gold

Selling Your Gold Infographic

Although it is a significant benefit, selling your old gold isn’t all about making a quick buck. There’s a plethora of reasons to get rid of the contents of your jewelry box. For example, you’ve just gone through a horrendous breakup and every time you look at a certain piece of jewelry you think of your former significant other! There’s no use crying over spilled […] Read more »

Doomed Celebrity Engagement Rings

Doomed Celebrity Engagements Infographic

When two celebrities get engaged there is often a magazine deal, an interview,  and more often than not an extraordinarily expensive engagement ring. A ring so expensive that it would make a grizzled lumberjack cry like a schoolgirl. But sometimes celebrity engagements and marriages don’t last, which means that the ring is left languishing and the guy is left kicking himself for spending so much. This […] Read more »

Put a Ring On It

When it comes to choosing a ring for that special someone, you may find yourself overwhelmed by blindly walking into a jewelry store. Have a look at this infographic to see all the different materials, stones and designs of rings that are available to buy on the market. Choosing that perfect ring doesn’t have to be a chore, get an idea of the type of […] Read more »

Identifying a Fake Cartier Love Bracelet

Within the competitive high-end jewelry industry, few pieces have made as big a splash on the fashion world as Cartier’s legendary Love bracelets have. These timeless, stylish bracelets reference the chastity symbols of olden days in a very modern way, and send a loud and proud message to the rest of the world that a couple is in love with each other. Unfortunately, with the […] Read more »

10 Tips for Buying the Best Diamond for Your Money

Diamond Buying Tips Infographic

Anyone buying a diamond knows that he/she wants to get the best deal possible and get the best quality diamond for the money he/she is spending. How do you know when you go into a diamond store what is a good deal? For which qualities is your money best spent? Here are 10 tips on what to look for when buying a diamond. Slight Inclusions: […] Read more »