Flight Attendant Salary Statistics

flight attendance salary

Being a flight attendant is one of the most in-demand careers nowadays. More than the travel perks it comes with, a job as a flight attendant means you get a higher salary than the national average. The accurate figures are listed in this infographic provided by Best Career Picks. As detailed in the infographic, the latest figurs for a flight attendant’s salary nets at an […] Read more »

The Best Airport Transfers in Europe

Airport Transfers infographic

A recent trend in travel is for budget airlines to offer cheap flights to low cost terminals, separate to a city’s main terminal. This often appears as an attractive option, but often these terminals are so far away from the city that the extra time and transfer cost doesn’t make it worth it. Ebookers researched all the transport options from the 50 most popular airports […] Read more »

Top 15 Beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza Beaches

This is a list of the 15 most beautiful, iconic and popular beaches in Ibiza, which are famous world-wide as major holiday destinations. This infographic was created by the real estate agency Kelosa, based in Ibiza for more than 25 years. “Beautiful” is a trait given to beaches with unspoiled natural landscape and sea floor. “Iconic” refers to beaches in some way representative of Ibiza, […] Read more »

Talking Filipino – A Traveler’s Cheat Sheet

filipino languages infographic

The Philippines is made up of thousands of islands and is home to more than 150 languages! But the two main languages are Tagalog and Cebuano. If you are planning a trip to the Phillipines, using this Filipino travel guide will help you enrich your experience by being able to communicate. Talking Filipino – A Traveler’s Cheat Sheet Graphic created by HomeAway Philippines Read more »

Australian Flights and Airlines Evolution

Australia Flights infographic

This infographic will help you learn about the history of Australian airports, flights and their domestic and international airlines. You will find more interesting facts about Australia’s aviation history, even how their in-flight food has evolved through the years. Likewise, if you wish to discover about the first Australian plane, its capacity, speed, cost and other physical aspects, check this one. They also compared the […] Read more »

Growth Stats and Future Opportunities in the Online Travel Industry

travel industry infographic

Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for the next profitable online business idea should consider this infographic about different opportunities in the online travel industry. With over 10% annual growth, the online travel industry presents wonderful opportunity for people who want their own online travel booking website, travel assistant apps, discussion forums for travelers, and more. It is unwise to start a venture in the online travel industry […] Read more »

Peer-to-Peer Renting: Embrace the Adventure

Travel House Rental infographic

Peer-to-peer (P2P) renting is transforming how people travel and book their accommodations. Before, you would have to stay at a hotel or book a place through a realty agency. Now, there are many more affordable and convenient options. P2P renting allows homeowners to temporarily make their homes available to travelers. It’s a bit of extra income that homeowners wouldn’t normally be able to make. For […] Read more »

The National Park Service Turns 100

National Parks infographic

On August 25, 2016, the National Park Service will celebrate its 100th anniversary. President Woodrow Wilson originally signed it into existence back in 1916. Over 307.2 million people visited sites within the park system just last year alone—a number that proves to go up in popularity every year. People are realizing how spectacular the different national parks and monuments are, and there’s plenty to see […] Read more »

Uber vs. Lyft

Ride Share infographic

Uber and Lyft are two apps that have revolutionized the way people get around. They are ride sharing apps that allow users to order rides to their location. You are probably familiar with each of them but you might not know all of the pros and cons between the two. Read this infographic to see which one might be better for you the next time […] Read more »