10 Stunning Festival Makeup Looks

Festival makeup infographic

Summer is a time for music, joy and socializing. However, it is also a time when your makeup is not as disciplined as it normally is. Your hair can’t wait to get messy and your time seems to have better uses than sitting around all day looking for ways to stop the heat and the sun from ruining your carefully planned makeup. With this in […] Read more »

5 Tips to Master the Waistcoat

Waistcoat infographic

The waistcoat is a timeless garment that can ooze class if worn correctly. However, many people fall into the trap of not doing it justice. Hidepark has come up with five helpful tips that will help you master the waistcoat look. The first tip discusses the fit of the waistcoat and advises purchasing a garment that sits very close to the body. The second tip […] Read more »

Online Custom Clothing Trends by Men

Online Custom Clothing Infographic

Online custom clothing is not a new trend but what’s making news is men’s increased shopping figures that call for new sellers. Yes, men do shop online and they apparently shop more if it’s a site selling custom shirts or suits. Men want perfection without the hassle sometimes required to get it. So they have found sites like IndoChino & Blacklapel to meet their demands. View more […] Read more »

8 Common Nail Problems and How to Fix Them

Manicure Infographic

There is nothing worse than spending time perfecting an amazing manicure only to smudge the polish before it has had the chance to dry properly. Or maybe you’ve spent time and effort growing out your nails, only to accidentally break one. The solution is here! This handy infographic will teach you how to fix these problems and more. From chipped nail varnish to messy cuticles, these […] Read more »

Style High Club: Where Fashion Meets the Skies

Airline Uniforms Infographic

In this infographic by Cheapflights.com, the growing intersection between fashion, style and travel is highlighted by the airline uniforms created by fashion designers. The Style High Club shows the cabin crew uniforms from 12 global airlines designed by Christian Lacroix, Julien Macdonald, Vivienne Westwood and others. Style High Club Infographic by the team at www.cheapflights.com. Read more »

Your Career in the Fashion Industry

education needed for a fashion career

Have you always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer? Don’t know where to start to get your first job in the industry? If that is your case, this infographic is right for you. The graphic below presents the skills you need to have to get your dream job in the fashion industry as well as the different types of roles you can apply for. If […] Read more »

How to Make a Skirt…Without a Tape Measure

beginner skirt to sew

Making a garment that you can (fashionably) wear is something that seems to be beyond the realm of most people who are just starting to learn to sew. This infographic shows that this no longer has to be the case. Armed with just the basic sewing essentials, as well as a one meter square piece of fabric and a piece of elastic, you can suddenly […] Read more »

Happy Feet Makes Happy Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Shoes Infographic

A quarter of our body’s bones are in our feet – 52 located in both of our feet and when these bones are out of alignment, so is the rest of our body. Healthcare professionals are constantly on the go and are on their feet for long hours and in choosing the right nursing shoe, they value comfort and functionality first, then style. Read more »

Items Included in a Formal Highland Dress Outfit

Scottish Formal Attire Infographic

When attending a formal event we all know that the correct attire is important, but there are many aspects of a formal Scottish Highland dress outfit that people may be unaware of. Of course the kilt is of great importance, the color of which usually matches your clan colors. But did you also know that these colors can set the theme or tone of your whole […] Read more »