Iconic Handbags Throughout History

A single handbag can make a tiny, but significant dent in the history of humanity. One piece can be used to make a fashion statement and even align peoples lifestyles to protect the environment. How are these possible? Here are some examples:

Glamour for a Cause

Plastic bags from groceries and shopping sprees collectively lead to the waste of 10 billion bags each year. “I am Not a Plastic Bag” adds style to bringing your own bag to a shop. Clearly, there’s more to this designer piece than meets the eye.

The Classic and Multitalented Alexa

Style columnists might ask whether this item is a satchel, a handbag or a briefcase. The answer is all of the above. This Mulberry masterpiece can take on many functions, which is why it’s Alexa Chung’s favorite.

Read on if you’d like to know more about how handbags and their muses inspired the course of history.

History of Iconic Handbags Infographic

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