How to Be Happy: 26 Strategies Backed by Research

happiness infographic

How to be happy? I’ve asked myself this question way too often. And I’m sure you know the feeling too. You and I, we live in a world of abandon. We have everything and still we’re unhappy. We have enough food on our plates, a roof over our heads, we even have free education online, and yet somehow we manage to never be truly happy. […] Read more »

The Link Between Drugs and Crime

Drug Use and Crime infographic

The rise of drug use and crime levels in the United States is no coincidence. This infographic looks at the link between the two with a focus on drug-influenced behavior and substance abuse-related incarcerations. What commonly goes unnoticed is that there are specific types of crimes which are linked to drug abuse, including prostitution and burglary. Alternatively, studies show that certain types of substance abuse […] Read more »

UK Storms Facts and Figures

UK storms infographic

Each year thousands of UK businesses are left without power and no contact to customers or clients, due to storm damage. Records were broken in 1990 when around £2-billion worth of damage was caused to buildings and offices. So what does your business do when the power goes out and phone lines go down? Here are six reasons why you may want to consider an […] Read more »

History of the E-Cigarette

e-cigarette infographic

Quick question: When was vaping first invented? If you said within the past 10 years, or even within the past 20, your estimate is totally off. The history of e-cigarettes and vaping devices can actually be traced back about 90 years, when a guy named Joseph Robinson filed a patent for the first “electric vaporizer” in 1927. So why did it take so long to […] Read more »

The Best Snow Festivals in Europe

Summer festivals are a thing of the past. Snow festivals are the latest craze and you don’t have to be a pro skier to enjoy one. Snow festivals are a week of skiing, boarding and apres ski combined with secret forest raves, igloo discos, pool parties, street parties and basically more parties. Today’s infographic from the lovely folks over at ZooHood, rounds up the best […] Read more »

What’s Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

chinese zodiac infographic

Do you notice that you can handle anything thrown at you? In social situations do you naturally start gravitating to the center of attention? These are characteristics of a tiger and a pig and they could be your Chinese zodiac sign. 2017 is the Year of the Rooster, which falls under the Fire element – each zodiac sign is joined with an animal sign and […] Read more »

Bubble Wrap: A Short History

bubble wrap infographic

Bubble wrap rolls are well-known for their convenient uses and innovative packaging solutions. There are many different formats, shapes and sizes of them today which are used in almost all packing activities, from moving furniture to sending handy bubble mailers and a lot more. Here are some remarkable facts of these modern-day wonders. ​ Original infographic provided by The Packaging Company. Read more »

Australia: Everything Here Can Kill You

deadly Australia infographic

Beautiful as they may seem, the coastal Australian waters have been infamously known for a high number of shark attacks. Sharks are just one of the many species inhabiting Australia. There are some other wildlife just as dangerous and deadly as sharks, such as box jelly fish, crocodiles, spiders, drop bears, and snakes. These six species have been attributed to some of the human deaths […] Read more »

What You Should Know About Teen Pregnancy

teen pregnancy infographic

Teen pregnancies are extremely common today, with about 550,000 young women getting pregnant each year. In fact, statistics show that one in four young women get pregnant before they turn 20. Still, most teens do not think about the chance of pregnancy or parenthood. They do not think about the impact that pregnancy can have on their education, career goals, relationships, and financial situations. Many […] Read more »