Holiday Allowances Around the World

Vacation days around the world infographic

In need of a holiday but used up all your vacation days already? This infographic from Taxi2Airport charts the holiday allowance for every country around the world – perfect for finding the country you should move to if you want a bigger holiday allowance. The data combines public bank holidays plus the minimum amount of vacation days employers are required to give staff, to find the total […] Read more »

Angle Grinder: How to Use One and How to be Safe

angle grinder tool infographic

To get the advantage of performing a huge range of work with only one tool, you will need an angle grinder. This one tool will help you perform a large number of jobs. But if you want to get this advantage, you need to know the right way to use it. But just knowing how to use the tool is not sufficient because safety is […] Read more »

How To Take Better Over Under Photos

over under photography infographic

If you own a GoPro camera and a matching split dome port then taking over under photos is really easy. You just press the shutter button on the camera and the dome does all the work. But people are often disappointed by the results. Even though technically shooting half/half photos is easy, it is not just the equipment that matters, it is the person behind […] Read more »

How Famous Books Got Famous Titles

Famous books infographic

Have you ever wondered how famous books got their titles? You’re reading a book and you’re not paying much attention to the title, but it’s one of the first things you noticed when you bought it. Famous authors don’t have it easy when thinking of titles for their books. In fact, they often need help from friends or editors. Their first ideas were usually lousy, […] Read more »

It’s All About Framing Nailers

framing nailer infographic

A framing nailer will help you with many kinds of projects though they are mainly used for heavy construction jobs. As a result it is considered to be the most needed nailer for users though there are some other types of nailers for different types of work. To work with a framing nailer, you should know some important. You should also know some safety steps […] Read more »

7 Critical Steps to Developing Your First Amazing Product

Product Design infographic

Ever had a great idea for an amazing new product and wondered what it would take to get it out of your head and into reality? You’re not the only one! Sadly, thousands of would-be inventors have great product ideas which could really help the world, but which never see the light of day because of analysis paralysis and thinking that creating a product is […] Read more »

Poka Yoke – What’s it All About?

poka yoke infographic

Poka Yoke is a method of reducing or eliminating the number of mistakes in any kind of process. Most of us practice some form of mistake proofing. We are assigned a task and adapt the process to get the best results. The more often we perform that task, the better we get at, through repetition, improved tools, materials, and/or training. Poka Yoke was conceptualized by […] Read more »

Tattoo Removal Facts

tattoo removal infographic

Do you have a tattoo and find yourself feeling embarrassed by it, find it hard to buy clothes because you have to cover up your tattoo at work or have faced social stigmas? You are not alone. This infographic released by Yaletown Laser Centre reveals that there is a significant tattooed demographic that feels the same way and these statistics are definitely an eye opener. […] Read more »

THC vs CBD: Top Differences for Medical and Recreational Users.

marijuana strain infographic

With more and more countries and states legalizing marijuana, the plant became one of the most used natural drugs for medical and recreational purposes. When choosing the right strain, there are a few things to consider: the potency of the strain, its effects and how it helps with certain medical conditions. All strains are not the same. In fact, all of them are unique, and […] Read more »