7 Critical Steps to Developing Your First Amazing Product

Product Design infographic

Ever had a great idea for an amazing new product and wondered what it would take to get it out of your head and into reality? You’re not the only one! Sadly, thousands of would-be inventors have great product ideas which could really help the world, but which never see the light of day because of analysis paralysis and thinking that creating a product is […] Read more »

Poka Yoke – What’s it All About?

poka yoke infographic

Poka Yoke is a method of reducing or eliminating the number of mistakes in any kind of process. Most of us practice some form of mistake proofing. We are assigned a task and adapt the process to get the best results. The more often we perform that task, the better we get at, through repetition, improved tools, materials, and/or training. Poka Yoke was conceptualized by […] Read more »

Tattoo Removal Facts

tattoo removal infographic

Do you have a tattoo and find yourself feeling embarrassed by it, find it hard to buy clothes because you have to cover up your tattoo at work or have faced social stigmas? You are not alone. This infographic released by Yaletown Laser Centre reveals that there is a significant tattooed demographic that feels the same way and these statistics are definitely an eye opener. […] Read more »

THC vs CBD: Top Differences for Medical and Recreational Users.

marijuana strain infographic

With more and more countries and states legalizing marijuana, the plant became one of the most used natural drugs for medical and recreational purposes. When choosing the right strain, there are a few things to consider: the potency of the strain, its effects and how it helps with certain medical conditions. All strains are not the same. In fact, all of them are unique, and […] Read more »

How Older Generations Feel About Looking Back At Their Lives

life's regrets infographic

Life: We only get one chance at it. It’s difficult to imagine what our life may look like decades from now – so the folks from BodyLogicMD decided to ask those with the most experience of all. In dozens of interviews with older men and women in the U.S. and Britain, they sought to discover their deepest thoughts on the course their lives had taken. […] Read more »

The Average Face of a Las Vegas Escort

Escort infographic

While prostitution is illegal in nearly every corner of the United States (including Las Vegas and Reno), Nevada is the only state that partially permits legal prostitution. In Sin City, there are many male and female escort services available and they can include in-room strip shows or out-on-the-town company. To get a feel for what a certain dollar amount can get someone seeking escort services, […] Read more »

The USA in a Single Crowd

usa population infographic

If gathered all 323,127,513 Americans living in the United States together in the same place, what would that look like? Large numbers can be hard to understand, so the folks at SpareFoot decided to create a visual representation. As you can see, they even divided the population by gender, age, those living in poverty, covered by health insurance, and a few other fascinating groups. It’s […] Read more »

10 Ways to Remove a Fish Hook Stuck in the Skin

fish hook safety infographic

If you’re going fishing, you should have some safety tips in mind. This includes knowing some first aid, but beyond that, knowing how to remove a fish hook stuck in the skin. You may not get hooks stuck on you, but what if someone near you has this problem? Whether you’re an experienced angler, or you’re a beginner, knowing how to remove a hook, will […] Read more »

How to Be Happy: 26 Strategies Backed by Research

happiness infographic

How to be happy? I’ve asked myself this question way too often. And I’m sure you know the feeling too. You and I, we live in a world of abandon. We have everything and still we’re unhappy. We have enough food on our plates, a roof over our heads, we even have free education online, and yet somehow we manage to never be truly happy. […] Read more »