Forklift Accidents – Causes and Prevention

This infographic shares some pretty eye-opening data about forklift accidents. With over a million forklifts in use around the United States every day, it’s no wonder that accidents occur. In fact, according to the numbers presented here, 90 percent of all forklifts will be involved in some type of accident during their lifetime.

The main focus of this infographic is presenting the 10 most common types of accidents involving forklifts. These accidents include speeding, workplace design, and improper turning. Along with the types of accidents, we included some suggestions to help avoid them. These are pretty simple suggestions.

We also included a couple of tips that will increase safety and reduce accidents. All in all, this is an engaging infographic that is chock full of original hand drawn illustrations and bright, clear text. If you work in and around forklifts, you owe it to yourself to become familiar with these potential accidents and some ways to avoid them.

forklift safety and accidents infographic

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