Tips to Keep Tires Properly Aligned

tire alignment infographic

What is a tire alignment and why is it important? If you care how your tires perform, but especially care about your personal safety, you need to make sure your tires are being properly aligned on a regular basis. A tire alignment is should be part of standard automobile maintenance. It refers to the adjustment of the angles of the wheel to ensure they are […] Read more »

How to Jump Start a Car in 9 Steps

Car jump start infographic

Jumping a car battery is a simple procedure, but you have to do it very carefully. If you make a mistake while attempting to jump-start your vehicle, you could cause an accident. It’s important to take all safety precautions seriously and be prepared. Whether or not your jump is successful can depend on several different factors. Cold weather can greatly affect a car’s ability to […] Read more »

23 Ways to Extend Your Car’s Life

Car Maintenance infographic

If you’ve never purchased a home, your car might be the most valuable thing you own. If you do own a home, your car is still your second most expensive asset. You could be inadvertently making it more expensive by neglecting to do some of these simple tips and tricks. That’s why we put together the ultimate list of ways to extend the life of […] Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Modification for Improved Fuel Efficiency

Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Infographic

Below is an easy to understand infographic on how you can modify your vehicle in order to improve its fuel efficiency. Not only do you get to save money on fuel but as you will be using less fuel you will be doing your bit for the environment. Start with buying a fuel consumption gauge to monitor how the changes you make impact your miles […] Read more »

Top 10 Car Speeds Recorded on the Autobahn

Autobahn Speed Records

Ever wonder what the fastest speeds recorded on the Autobahn are? And what cars hold the record for those speeds? This Autobahn speed record infographic offers some answers and a few surprises – particularly the record holder and the second fastest vehicle. Maybe on your next trip to Germany you can rent one of these fast cars and hit one of these tops speeds yourself. Read more »

50 Years of the Porsche 911

Porsche Anniversary Infographic

Dusty Cars presents 50 years of the Porsche 911; a brand new infographic to celebrate one of the world’s most iconic cars and the true centerpiece of the Porsche brand. Since its introduction in the early 60’s, the 911 has undergone continuous development, but the basic concept remains mostly unchanged. This infographic is a beautifully presented, eye catching and informative piece displaying an array of […] Read more »

25 Years With the Mazda Miata

Mazda Miata Anniversary Infographic

The 25th anniversary of the Miata was recently celebrated by Mazda and what an amazing 25 years it’s been. The Miata has outlasted the majority of its competitors and stood the test of time to become of Americas favorite cars. It’s almost impossible to go out on the road today and not see someone zipping by in their Mazda Miata. A lot of memorable events […] Read more »

Internet Raceway Speed

Internet Service Raceway Infographic

Fastmetrics, Inc. compared popular Internet services, then paired them with famous street cars. A placing was given to each service, from 1st to 6th. When I am looking for internet connection, I want it fast and fast is good. You cannot stream movies or music if your speed is slow. The following factors were considered for each Internet service: Upload speed (strong influencer) Download speed (medium influencer) Technology […] Read more »

Automobiles and the Environmental Impact

Automobiles And The Environmental Impact Infographic

Most of us want a better planet. This infographic of automobiles and the environmental impact. Below you will see the influence of the car. The U.S. has 30% of the world’s cars and the U.S. only consumes only 25% of the world’s oil but we only have 5% of the world’s population. I never thought that Quatar would produce most of the world’s emissions per […] Read more »

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Infographic

One of the most iconic muscle cars in history is the Ford Mustang a.k.a the Pony Car. I have seen many wonderful mustangs, I love the classics but I will say that the 2011 model is amazing. The Ford Mustang has been and will continue to be the classic true American muscle car. Some might not agree with the Mustang but if you have seen […] Read more »