5 Phases of Project Management

project management infographic

Learn about important phases involved in Project Management as every phase is crucial. The project managers must keep in mind the activities involved in managing a project as well as the team involved. Go through the points in this infographic by Synergy 360 Consulting to understand about the steps involved in project management. Read more »

Doing Business in Samoa

doing business in Samoa

Samoa is a tropical paradise located in the Polynesian region of the Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded by lush vegetation including rain forests, taro and coconut plantations. Their culture is heavily influenced by Polynesian life, especially dance, music and visual arts. If you’re considering doing business in Samoa, it is vital to understand the country’s industries, economy, rules and regulations. Key industries include services, light […] Read more »

Measuring the Impact of Programmatic Advertising

programmatic advertising infographic

You’ve probably been following the rise and advancement of programmatic advertising in recent years – but did you know that programmatic ad spend is growing at about 20% annually? New technology and tools are helping marketers to reach exact groups, which means ad dollars are being maximized and waste decreased. Of course, as with anything, there are benefits and drawbacks to programmatic advertising. Benefits of programmatic […] Read more »

Entrepreneurs and Social Media

Social Media and Entrepreneurs infographic

Social media is only growing in popularity, and utilizing social media as an entrepreneur or business owner is necessary for success and visibility. Since social media is new and foreign to many business owners, there is some hesitancy to jump on the bandwagon. This infographic from the UAB Collat School of Business explains why its important to start using social media. Read more »

6 Ways to Have Better Technical Support Ticket Management

Technical Support infographic

We all use lists in our everyday lives. From shopping lists to checklists to yearly planners, lists make it easier for us to tackle things in a more organized and convenient manner. In the field of customer service, implementing checklists can be an effective way to maximize a company’s resources, and at the same time, improve the overall customer experience. How? For instance, you can […] Read more »

Fountain Pen Inks

fountain pen inks infographic

The fountain pen is a crucial piece of technology that has been used for centuries. Using a fountain pen can greatly change the way you write and also may change based upon what situation you are in. Inks used in a pen are just as crucial to the writing process. An ink can give your writing or drawing both character and personality. By using a […] Read more »

How to Market Your Mobile Website Internationally

App Marketing Infographic

Finding articles on how to expand your website internationally is quite easy, but people seem to never talk about mobile websites. While they are quite similar to regular websites, there are extra factors to consider when marketing one, such as evaluating how each page’s design appears on a smaller screen. Also, when targeting a new country (for expansion), you have to do some research on […] Read more »

Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D benefits infographic

There hasn’t been enough attention on vitamin D like it deserves. Vitamin D is nicknamed the sunshine vitamin, however, it is not actually a vitamin but a steroid hormone precursor. There are plenty of important bodily functions that require vitamin D and it also affects our genes. Because of this, higher vitamin D levels correlates with lower incidence of bad health conditions such as multiple […] Read more »

The Ultimate Lawn Care Calendar With Seasonal Tips and Advice for the Greenest Lawn

lawn care guide infographic

The ever changing climate can be quite tough on your lawn and turf, but if you give your lawn some tender loving care throughout the year you’ll be rewarded with strong healthy, greener grass even in the harshest seasons. This lawn care guide will help you keep your grass greener for longer, with monthly and seasonal tips on how to get the best out of […] Read more »

10 Shocking Statistics About Online Dangers for Kids

Internet Dangers infographic

The statistics in this infographic are from recent studies, and they are frightening! Parents simply cannot ignore the online dangers their kids could be exposed to. The world has changed dramatically. It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without the Internet now. It has brought many great advances to us. We now have immediate access to unprecedented stores of knowledge and data. It has revolutionized […] Read more »