Types of Neurological Surgeries Commonly Linked to Car Accidents

A serious accident can lead to a serious injury. Find out more about the various neurological injuries and subsequent surgeries that can happen as a result of a car accident. Discectomy: During this procedure, the damaged portion of a herniated disc is removed relieving pain that caused due to significant pressure on the spine. Spinal Fusion Surgery: This procedure requires the surgeon to fuse the damaged vertebrae […] Read more »

Red Flags to Look for When Buying a Used Car

red flags to buying a used car

Most people who buy used cars go online to search how to avoid cars with a bad history. Knowing the signs by inspecting the car and running a VIN lookup plus doing a test drive can help buyers find the best deals. This infographic shows the red flags to watch out for when buying a used car. Mileage and salvage history can also be verified […] Read more »

Gender Bias in Job Ads

gender bias infographic

The issue surrounding the gender pay gap and equality between men and women has long been a source of discussion, particularly in the workplace. New research by Adzuna.co.uk analyzed over 1.2 million job ads since 2014 to see whether there is gender biased language in UK job ads. Results revealed that around 60% of all UK industries displayed bias towards men when writing job ads, with 17% […] Read more »

Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters

benefits of plantation shutters

When choosing to upgrade your home decor, more specifically your windows, and you’ve decided to go with shutters, which type do you go for? Well, look no further, because plantation shutters could be what just what you need. This infographic shows several benefits of plantation shutters and how they can truly enhance your home. Read more »

Dementia Care in the UK

dementia care in the UK

Dementia is an increasing problem. In the UK alone it is predicted that by 2015 there will be over a million individuals suffering from dementia. This infographic shows the current statistics about dementia in the UK. This includes current treatments being researched and ways to care for those suffering from dementia. Read more »

A Comprehensive Guide on Essay Writing for Canadian Students

essay writing infographic

When you need to write an essay, it is advisable first to create an outline. It acts as a road map to what you need to write. Every academic piece should include an introduction which has to be attention-grabbing. You need to introduce your topic in a manner that will convince the reader to keep going through the content. Next comes the body of the […] Read more »

What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance

virginia car insurance infographic

Every driver needs car insurance, and some need more insurance coverage than others. For example, if you’re leasing a car, you will likely have a higher insurance payment than someone who owns a car. If you have a newer car, you will want a higher amount of insurance than if you have an older car. That being said, many people don’t fully understand what kind […] Read more »

What You Need to Know About Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of automobile accidents each year. Every year, more accidents are caused by drivers not paying attention to the road due to distractions. Technology like cell phones is making these accidents more and more common. As the Missouri truck wreck lawyers at Sansone, Sumner & Lauber explain, these accidents often lead to debilitating injuries, and even deaths. This […] Read more »

Ultimate Mobility Scooter Buying Guide

Purchasing a mobility scooter is a big investment and requires thorough research and investigation. The folks at Scooters ‘N Chairs want to make your due diligence just a bit easier by providing you with this buying checklist to ensure that the item you purchase meets your mobility needs perfectly! Whether you’re looking for a mobility scooter for yourself or a loved one or simply browsing […] Read more »