9 Benefits of Medical Training Programs

medical training programs infographic

There is a growing need for medical assistants and by 2024 it is projected that the average growth will be higher than all other occupations. Consequently, jobs in the healthcare support occupations are expected to increase by 18% come 2024. Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits healthcare occupations training such as medical assistant training programs. Job Diversity: there are over 35 […] Read more »

Tips to Survive a Nurse Practitioner Program

Nurse Practitioner program infographic

Embarking on a nurse practitioner program is no joke. At times it can be exhausting, not to mention the pressures you may feel from family obligations and from your peers. You must be determined to learn and understand the broad scope of the courses. It takes a lot of hard work and training, and there are no shortcuts to reach the end. How do you […] Read more »

Steps to Become a Better Medical Student

medical students infographic

Want to become a better medical student? There are things you need to consider. But first, you have to ask yourself if what you really want as challenges are inevitable. If you focus on improving yourself, you increase your chance to become an effective health personnel in the future. Nothing can stop you if you’re serious enough. To help you, here are some steps: Read more »

The Importance of Continuing Medical Education

continued medical education

Most health practitioners consider continuing medical education (CME) a milestone in their career. CME can be the key to career advancement for medical practitioners and it’s very important to stay equipped with the latest knowledge. CME is crucial for any medical or healthcare practitioner. If you wonder why, this infographic contains a list explaining the significance of continuing medical education programs. Read more »

The Benefits of Experiential Learning

experiential learning infographic

Learning by doing is one of the most ideal methods of learning for many students, as it keeps them engaged and excited to learn. Incorporating Experiential Learning techniques is as easy as asking the question “why did that happen?”. Check out the infographic below to learn more about the benefits of Experiential Learning.   Read more »

Studying Tips For PANCE/PANRE

study tips infographic

For a physician assistant, passing the PANCE/PANRE exam is everything. Nothing beats that accomplishment, right? But sometimes, passing the exam can be a little challenging. If you’re a physician’s assistant, how can you assure you’ll pass the exam? How much time you need to study? What are the secrets to pass PANCE/PANRE? Read below for some effective studying tips. Read more »

Choosing a Course of Study

College Course Study infographic

This new infographic from the University of East Anglia has been designed to help future university students decide which course (or courses) would be the right choice for them. Students will follow a series of questions to help them narrow down their options from any course in any field to the courses that will take up the five places allotted by the UCAS application process. […] Read more »

UK vs USA: Battle of the Grad School Destinations

Grad School Infographic

This infographic was created to help grad students decide whether they should study at a US or a UK grad school. As well as comparing the cost or each country, the infographic also compares the professional exposure, education and niche degrees available in both countries – supported by wise words from grad school students. While many US students prefer to stay in North America to study […] Read more »

Discover Your Learning Style

Learning Styles Infographic

Just like students have different passions, at Ivy College they know that students also have different learning styles. They encourage students to discover what their learning strengths are, and then use them to their advantage. This infographic was created to help learners discover what their favorite styles are. Are you good with images and maps? Then you’re a visual learner. Do you like mathematical reasoning? Then you’re logical. […] Read more »

Your Career in the Fashion Industry

education needed for a fashion career

Have you always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer? Don’t know where to start to get your first job in the industry? If that is your case, this infographic is right for you. The graphic below presents the skills you need to have to get your dream job in the fashion industry as well as the different types of roles you can apply for. If […] Read more »