3 Simple Money Making App Features For Your Business Needs

Business Apps Infographic

These days it’s easier than ever for small businesses to take advantage of the power of the mobile app. While it was once something only the biggest businesses with huge marketing budgets could afford, using services like AppInstitute, small business owners can build their own apps without writing a line of code. But why do you need an app? How can it help your business? […] Read more »

Top 15 Beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza Beaches

This is a list of the 15 most beautiful, iconic and popular beaches in Ibiza, which are famous world-wide as major holiday destinations. This infographic was created by the real estate agency Kelosa, based in Ibiza for more than 25 years. “Beautiful” is a trait given to beaches with unspoiled natural landscape and sea floor. “Iconic” refers to beaches in some way representative of Ibiza, […] Read more »

23 Ways to Extend Your Car’s Life

Car Maintenance infographic

If you’ve never purchased a home, your car might be the most valuable thing you own. If you do own a home, your car is still your second most expensive asset. You could be inadvertently making it more expensive by neglecting to do some of these simple tips and tricks. That’s why we put together the ultimate list of ways to extend the life of […] Read more »

DJ Gift Guide

DJ Gift Guide infographic

There is a lot of time and money that tends to go into building a DJ business. If you know someone who is trying to become a disc jockey or launch his own business, it stands to reason that this person could use some help getting the right equipment. Those who are just experimenting with DJing as a hobby can still benefit from a controller, […] Read more »

MLS Championships

MLS Championships infographic

If you’re a fan of MLS (Major League Soccer), then you probably wonder how it all started and how it turned out to be one of the most celebrated sports in history. The thing is, every league has its own history, which most of the time isn’t smooth. But before talking about MLS championship records presented on this infographic, let’s first introduce the prestigious MLS. […] Read more »

Types of Wood for Shed Building

Shed wood infographic

Before building a shed, it’s best to know the different types of wood commonly used for shed construction. This will give you knowledge regarding the characteristics of the wood you intend to use for your building. Are you ready? This infographic shares information on the 7 common types of wood used for sheds. Read more »

25 Viral Websites to Kill Your Productivity

viral websites infographic

Some websites these days are so fascinating that we end up spending hours and hours consuming the content. The good thing is, we can learn a lot as they take away boredom and inspire us in some way. Isn’t that great! The downside, however, is that it can make us unproductive at times, forgetting that we have lots of work and other responsibilities. Who can […] Read more »

Winter’s Impact on the Skin

winter skin infographic

Winter doesn’t only make us feel lonely and cold, but also affects our skin. Seriously. Even worse is that we don’t even notice it. Here’s an infographic presented by Wishing U Well. It explains how the cold weather (and central heating) affects the skin, as well as the eyes and lips. Read more »

10 Great Foods That Power Up Your Workout

Workout nutrition infographic

Working out without all the right nutrients for your muscles could lead to metabolic problems in the long run. This is why correct nutrition is fundamental to achieving your goals easily and keeping your body injury-free. After all, health is the first goal of fitness, isn’t it? We have to try to fuel our bodies with all the most important nutrients. So, delivering the right […] Read more »

Why You Don’t Need to Pay Top Dollar for Better Running Shoes

running shoes infographic

This infographic is about a study, conducted by Jens Jakob Andersen (lead researcher behind the study), who proves that you don’t really need to pay higher prices if you want better running shoes. It turns out that more affordable running shoes get even better rankings, as opposed to more high-end ones. Among other interesting facts, you’ll be fascinated to know that the higher the price […] Read more »