Foosball Table Buyers Guide

foosball tables infographic

Foosball is a fun and exciting game that has captured the imaginations of millions of people around the globe. Invented in 1922, the game rose to prominence in the 1970s and continues to be popular today. Foosball is a big hit in arcades as well as in bars, restaurants, and other business establishments. It has also become a well-loved addition to offices and staff break […] Read more »

How to Get Rid of a Hickey

hickey removal infographic

People get hickeys on all sort of places but the real problem arises when the hickey is on a place where it is visible. It might not be that big of a medical problem but it can certainly develop into a social problem. It may cause you a lot of embarrassment especially if you are a teenager or have cheated on your partner. And by […] Read more »

How Older Generations Feel About Looking Back At Their Lives

life's regrets infographic

Life: We only get one chance at it. It’s difficult to imagine what our life may look like decades from now – so the folks from BodyLogicMD decided to ask those with the most experience of all. In dozens of interviews with older men and women in the U.S. and Britain, they sought to discover their deepest thoughts on the course their lives had taken. […] Read more »

Reimagining Political Figures as TV Characters

tv politicians infographic

It could very well be that the 2016 presidential election was pulled straight from TV. As we all know, the drama hasn’t stopped yet. Instead of worrying over the next four years if the results will send you packing to leave America for Canada, just imagine that the leader of the biggest economic force in the free world has no real consequences whatsoever. For a […] Read more »

The Average Face of a Las Vegas Escort

Escort infographic

While prostitution is illegal in nearly every corner of the United States (including Las Vegas and Reno), Nevada is the only state that partially permits legal prostitution. In Sin City, there are many male and female escort services available and they can include in-room strip shows or out-on-the-town company. To get a feel for what a certain dollar amount can get someone seeking escort services, […] Read more »

The Rockstar Framework for Ensuring Blissful Employee Relations

employee relations infographic

Any professional business needs to consider its employee relations. Strong employee relations can contribute towards increased motivation, productivity and profits. Neglecting employee relations can lead to a dissatisfied workforce, increased staff turnover and high recruitment and training costs. But how can you ensure that your business builds and maintains strong employee relations? This infographic centers on advice provided by accomplished organizational architect, Murad Salman Mirza […] Read more »

15 Smart GPS Fleet Tracking Implemented Industries

Fleet tracking infographic

These days, transportation and logistics companies like rental cabs, courier delivery, medical transport and specialty transportation services have to manage huge fleets of vehicles so that they can conduct their daily business activities smoothly. As a fleet manager, you need to collect crucial data such as vehicle status, real-time location, driver habits, and a lot more. Handling your vehicle fleet in the traditional requires you […] Read more »

How Much Does a Bad Reputation Cost Your Business?

Business Reputation

Customer dissatisfaction, public scandal, and high employee turnover are some of the key reasons businesses fail to thrive. After all, what business can succeed when preceded by a bad reputation? A bad reputation never pays off. Instead, it will cost your company time and money to turn things around and restore your customers’ confidence and trust. A good review can put you ahead of the […] Read more »

22 Foods Hamsters Can (and Can’t) Eat

Hamster infographic

Most hamsters will happily chow down on human food, whether you give them a treat from your hand or in their cage. But some foods can be bad or even dangerous for your hamster’s health. Here are common foods they can eat and ones you should be cautious letting your hamster digest. This infographic outlines the foods that are okay for hamsters in moderation, and […] Read more »

Is Your Business Protected From Cyber Attacks?

cyber crime infographic

No business, no phone, no information is safe from the threat of a cyber attack. Hackers, scammers, and criminals are increasingly looking toward the internet as a means of illegal financial gain. Each year, cyber crime continues to rise as more of our most delicate data makes its way to the cloud. This criminal entity of the internet is particularly concerning for small businesses, who […] Read more »