22 Foods Hamsters Can (and Can’t) Eat

Hamster infographic

Most hamsters will happily chow down on human food, whether you give them a treat from your hand or in their cage. But some foods can be bad or even dangerous for your hamster’s health. Here are common foods they can eat and ones you should be cautious letting your hamster digest. This infographic outlines the foods that are okay for hamsters in moderation, and […] Read more »

Life Under the Sea

under the sea infographic

From the mysterious depths of the Greenland Sea to the icy waters of the Weddell Sea, our oceans are home to many strange and wonderful creatures. Despite the temperature and seemingly inhospitable nature of Earth’s coldest seas, a remarkable abundance of wildlife thrives in these waters. One of the best ways to explore the wildlife in our coldest oceans is on a cruise. Whether you’re […] Read more »

Pet Shelters Need Your Help

Pet shelter infographic

Pet shelters were once thought of as a useful service for pet owners under pressure. The latest statistics suggest, however, that re-homing centers are now a critical service. According to the latest figures, over 7 million pets find themselves without a home each year in America – and the problem seems to be getting more serious all the time. So give a thought to your […] Read more »

15 Ways Cats Improve Your Life

benefits of pets infographic

There are so many ways that pets can improve the lives of their owners that it might seem strange to single out 15 in particular. But while most of us accept that pets have a positive impact on our lives we do so simply because it feels like it’s true. We don’t often think whether there’s any scientific evidence to support our gut feeling. It […] Read more »

Rhino Awareness – Preventing Its Extinction

Rhino extinction infographic

Rhinos are a necessary player in the ecosystem. In South Africa they are one of the big five and play a part in attracting needed tourism to the country. Samara Private Game Reserve is one of many areas in South Africa where these animals are safely kept. And it is through conservation efforts and keeping this cause in the public eye that will help save them […] Read more »

How to Keep Dogs Safe During 4th of July Fireworks

Fireworks and Dogs infographic

The 4th of July is a favorite celebration for many, with bbqs, burgers, and fun. However, it’s a horrific holiday for pets. Dogs, unsurprisingly, are terrified of fireworks. In fact, many pets will flee their homes on the 4th of July in terror. Lost pets actually increase 30% between July 4-6, with July 5th marking the busiest day of the year for many animal shelters […] Read more »

Getting a New Puppy

New puppy checklist

Adding a new puppy to your family can be a fun experience, but also a handful of discipline and responsibilities. Not only for you, but also your new dog. Having a quick checklist will help you prepare for your new addition and having the basic necessities help you stay organized to know what your puppy needs in the next days, weeks, or months ahead. Most things […] Read more »

25 Most Popular Dog Breeds and Their Natural Health Problems

dog breed health infographic

There are many different dog breeds to choose from when picking out the family pet. They are all unique in terms of their looks, behavior and personality. Many choose a dog based on these factors, but health is another factor that should be taken into consideration. Responsible breeding practices play a crucial role in determining how healthy a dog will be throughout its life. But aside […] Read more »

Beware of Dog

Dog Bite Infographic

The statistics for this infographic have been gathered over years of research into dog bites and animal attacks, and point to additional research done by the Humane Society, AmericanHumane.org, and PuppyToob.com. The infographic is broken down into four parts. The first discusses basic facts about dog bites. The second lists the ten breeds which are the most likely to attack. The third portion gives tips for avoiding dog bites and tips to help you prevent from being sued for a dog bite or attack. And the final section gives major statistics on dog bite injuries and fatalities in the United States. Read more »

7 Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

Food Safety for Dogs Infographic

Dogs aren’t just pets, they’re members of the family! They sleep with us, play with us and oftentimes eat with us as well. While most of the time it’s relatively harmless, some human foods can make dogs very sick. Thankfully, with proper veterinary care, most dogs will survive. Nevertheless, prevention is the best way to keep Fido safe. Next time you decide to share food […] Read more »