Flight Attendant Salary Statistics

flight attendance salary

Being a flight attendant is one of the most in-demand careers nowadays. More than the travel perks it comes with, a job as a flight attendant means you get a higher salary than the national average. The accurate figures are listed in this infographic provided by Best Career Picks. As detailed in the infographic, the latest figurs for a flight attendant’s salary nets at an […] Read more »

The Best Airport Transfers in Europe

Airport Transfers infographic

A recent trend in travel is for budget airlines to offer cheap flights to low cost terminals, separate to a city’s main terminal. This often appears as an attractive option, but often these terminals are so far away from the city that the extra time and transfer cost doesn’t make it worth it. Ebookers researched all the transport options from the 50 most popular airports […] Read more »

Australian Flights and Airlines Evolution

Australia Flights infographic

This infographic will help you learn about the history of Australian airports, flights and their domestic and international airlines. You will find more interesting facts about Australia’s aviation history, even how their in-flight food has evolved through the years. Likewise, if you wish to discover about the first Australian plane, its capacity, speed, cost and other physical aspects, check this one. They also compared the […] Read more »

7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Flight

Air Travel Savings Infographic

One of the biggest expenses when traveling are the airplane tickets. Fortunately, there are several good tips offered, which will help you save a lot of cash when choosing your tickets. Among other advice, deciding to plan your next trip months or years in advance will help you get the best bang for your buck. Timing is also essential. Companies tend to increase prices once the […] Read more »

Style High Club: Where Fashion Meets the Skies

Airline Uniforms Infographic

In this infographic by Cheapflights.com, the growing intersection between fashion, style and travel is highlighted by the airline uniforms created by fashion designers. The Style High Club shows the cabin crew uniforms from 12 global airlines designed by Christian Lacroix, Julien Macdonald, Vivienne Westwood and others. Style High Club Infographic by the team at www.cheapflights.com. Read more »

Up and Away – The Evolution of Eating in the Skies!

Eating in the Skies Infographic

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that airline food gets a bad rep. Have you ever been curious about whether food tastes differently in the air? How did airline food – so often mocked these days – get to be the way it is today? What was the first food eaten in space? How has the role of the flight attendant changed over […] Read more »

How to Kill Time at the Airport

Killing Time at the Airport Infographic

Waiting at the airport can be so boring – especially if your flight is delayed for some stupid reason or another! What are you supposed to do as it begins to feel like you’ve been waiting there for weeks? Simply sit there twiddling your thumbs, wishing you were at the beach already? The answer is no my friend! There’s a ton of stuff you could […] Read more »

2015 Private Jet Aviation Industry

Private Jet Infographic

Because the private jet industry is closely tied to domestic and international business travel, most of the popular private jet destinations are cities or countries that are major business hubs. These include Dubai, Tokyo, London, New York City, Long Island, Houston and California’s Silicon Valley. Important political places such as Geneva, France, Switzerland, and Washington D.C. factor in as well. Switzerland played an especially important […] Read more »

The Future Of Loyalty Is Social

The Future Of Loyalty Is Social Infographic

How many times do you buy something because a friend recommended it on a social network of Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? We know that social media is growing each day. I did a little shopping the other day but I bought everything that others already had. I bought a jersey that a friend of mine posted on Pinterest, a hat that I saw on facebook and a […] Read more »