The Best Airport Transfers in Europe

A recent trend in travel is for budget airlines to offer cheap flights to low cost terminals, separate to a city’s main terminal. This often appears as an attractive option, but often these terminals are so far away from the city that the extra time and transfer cost doesn’t make it worth it.

Ebookers researched all the transport options from the 50 most popular airports in Europe and collected information on price, time, frequency and overall convenience. This infographic is a summary of the findings obtained. The research was also used to make a free online tool for finding the cheapest and quickest ways to transfer out of Europe’s most popular airports.

Do you want to know if it’s faster to take the train or the bus from Heathrow Airport? Or maybe you are wondering if Uber is cheaper than a taxi in Paris? Just enter your airport and we will give you all the details.

You can access the free information here.

Airport Transfers infographic

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